flashbacks & granny squares

Adele & me
I’m on a bit of an old photo thing aren’t I? This one is different though as I’m playing along Kidspot‘s #voicesof2014 #flashbackfriday. Every week a new theme is chosen by bloggers and this weeks them is “matching”, chosen by moi! So this is my sister and I in our most matchymatchy outfit I could find. From the dress, to the bonnet type thing on our heads, to the baskets, to the shoes, to the hair style. I still remember these dresses and the baskets and even the thick rubber soled shoes (the soles were pink & white striped). Obviously, this was the seventies and we would have been looking pretty damn fashionable for the wedding we were going to.

On the craft front, I’ve been crocheting granny squares like there’s no tomorrow. Originally I was going to join up with the lovely Kate from Foxs Lane and her Grannyhottie, which sounds way weirder than what it is. It’s actually a super cool crocheted granny square cover for your hot water bottle. But once I started crocheting these granny squares, I just couldn’t stop.

So the Pixelated Series began. This will be the Pixelated Ocean Blanket and there’s another that I’ve started too. It’s lovely pinks and purples and oranges and is inspired by the colours of a pretty old fashioned flower. So I will be darning lots of ends next, luckily I’m actually starting to enjoy this part of the blanket making.

This gorgeous colour combination is the next blanket I’ll be making. A lovely custom order blankie with the most luscious quality merino wool and alpaca yarn. Such a soft fluffy squishable mix, I just can’t wait to get started on it.

Well that’s me for now, I’ve been sick as a dog with nastyarse flu for the last couple of weeks so I’m just getting back into the swing of everything and slowly catching up. There’s really nothing like being on the couch for a week to make you appreciate even half decent health is there?

How about you, are you well? Have you managed to dodge the lurgies over the winter? Or are you enjoying the tail end of summer somewhere sunshiney in the world?

Wishing you sunshine, good health, and flashbacks that make you smile.


beach fans, pink hearts and autumn love

I thought I’d pop in to show you what I’ve been working on…

Beach Fans Blanket
100% Cotton, Crochet.

I just love this pattern and I love these colours together! The yarn is all from Bendigo Woollen Mills and crochets up a treat.

I like the texture and ripples of the pattern, and I’ve repeated the ripple effect in the border by crocheting into the back of the stitch there too. (that’s how the ripple is created in the main pattern, in case you were curious).
This blanket is for an order and it will be going into a shop that’s not open yet… so exciting! I’ll be sure to let you know the shop details when it’s open!

Here’s a sneak peek at the other blanket I’ve just finished. This blanket is 100% cotton too, except for the random sprinkling of pink hearts which are in 100% wool.

I’ve been crocheting a great deal of late… So much so that my shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, and thumbs are a wee bit weary and achy! I’ve been making sure I walk it out at my favourite gardens… you know looking silly walking and swinging my arms about! (Lucky there’s not many people around hey?) It’s not hard to make myself walk it out at the moment as I absolutely love Autumn, and the gardens are in the peak of their Autumn glory right now. I know I shared a picture of the gorgeous red colours a couple of posts back, well check how beautiful and sunshiney the golden hues are….

How can you not feel utter joy walking along a stunning golden path like that I ask you? The tree I’m standing under is a Tulip Tree and is absolutely majestic! It’s huge, has an amazing shape, lovely detailed bark, and pretty coloured tulip shaped leaves.

Ok, I just had to go and find this photo to show you the whole Tulip Tree in all it’s glory. It’s majestic right? That’s my hubby walking along in front to give you an idea of the size of it.

I shall leave you with another favourite picture at the moment (from my Instagram)… A sweet little posy of flowers, all from my garden.

The last 3 photo’s are taken with my iphone and I promise I will stop bombing my posts and Instagram with Autumn glory photos soon… as soon as Autumn is over that is!
Oh how I do love the gorgeous colours of Autumn.
In the meantime, I hope your day is filled with Autumnal hues that make your heart sing.

fans and fimo

Mint Fans Pram Snuggle Blanket with matching Heart Garland.
100% Pure Merino Wool, Crochet.

Yep – made another blanket with this lovely Vintage Fan Ripple Stitch. I just love it – in case you haven’t noticed! I’ve done a couple of different blankets using this stitch here and here, even a scarf here. And I found the pattern via the lovely blog Meet me at Mikes.

It’s a lovely super soft squishy little blankie that would be perfect for the pram or car seat as it’s not too big to lug around. It’s very light and has the softest drape too. And then there’s the luscious mint green colour… I do so love a delicate mint green.

The pattern is actually pretty easy to remember, and not as tricky as it may look. I thought it might be nice to hang the little garland from the pram, or car window or something and it makes it such a sweet little gift set. I’ve popped it in the Etsy shop already so you can see some more pictures there if you like.

I’ve also caught the Fimo craze. I love, and I mean REALLY love, making up the colours. More love creating the colours rather than the actual physical mixing of the fimo together, as I did have a little sook occasionally when my hands & fingers got tired. That stuff is SO hard to begin with.

But the colours… oh my I just loved making different shades. Adding a bit more, taking a bit out, working in another bit of white… All in the name of the perfect shade. Or the near enough is good enough shade. No room for perfection around here, life really is too short. The beads are meant to be a little rustic and earthy in their shape and colour. You can even see my fingerprint in some of them! I kinda like that some have my fingerprint – doesn’t get anymore hand-made than that now does it?

It’s not just about the colour though. It is also about the beads… I hope to turn these coloured sets into necklaces, plus I have a little plan for some more… Not quite sure how it will all work but will let you know if it does. (I like to ignore the crafting disasters!)

Brights! I’m not usually a super bright colour person, maybe a pop of it here or there, I like softer tones usually. But then sometimes you just need a big punch of colour I reckon. So that’s this necklace. In your face bright colours, probably for the dull grey winter days I’m thinking.

If you follow me on Instagram you would have already seen my Mint Fan Blankie in progress and the Fimo beads. It was a Family Fimo Friday Crafternoon – that was my Good Friday. Pretty darn good really. What’s better than a Crafternoon? And one with your crafty talented lovely girly family members? My daughter, my mum, my sis and my niece. Sweet huh? There was also chocolate eggs, homemade peanut brittle (thanks sis) and homemade Ginger Syrup drinks (thanks mum). A very good Good Friday indeed.

Hope your Good Friday was good?
And the Easter Bunny hops by with some cute fluffy goodness… and chocolate! Of course. Always chocolate.

a ‘b’ kind of holiday.

Beechworth – Our holiday destination. Such a picturesque town that hasn’t changed much at all in the last 100 years or so! I know this as we went to the local museum as saw footage of a film made in 1903 and the main street looked the same except there were horse and buggies going up and down it! It’s a town rich in history, think gold and Ned Kelly, and close to my heart with family roots going way back.

Bikes – Our mode of transport. This picture was taken somewhere between Mitta Mitta and Omeo where the country is reasonably remote and so very pretty. We were on a day trip from our holiday base here so the bikes were not loaded up with everything. Imagine all your clothes, toiletries, food, tent, chairs, cooking equipment, even the cooker getting packed into spaces that fit on two bikes? We have large packs on our bikes and we carry backpacks too, but it’s always a squeeze!

Basic – The cooking is really back to basics when we camp. There’s not a lot of room for condiments and seasonings and even ingredients for that matter. It’s basic foods cooked very simply.

Bodyguards – This little Kookaburra seemed to enjoy watching over our bikes. I think it was also the prime position for stalking his next meal from the creek below, which he’s obviously quite good at by the looks of his pudgy little tum!

Burning – Is there anything better than a campfire I ask you? I like that the nights get so chilly that one must do the rotation dance in front of the fire to keep the back from getting too cold.

Beautiful – The sunsets are so spectacular! This lake is home to so much bird life that it’s like a musical symphony walking around it at dusk, listening to all the ducks and birds settle into their beds for the night. In fact we’re pretty sure Donald Duck holidays out there as we can hear him laughing most nights!

Breathtaking – Almost at the peak of Falls Creek and the vista was breathtaking. The most pure clean air and mountain tops as far as you can see. So very pretty.

Bliss – This is one of my all time favourite things to do. We take our camp chairs and place them in the little shallow creek, so they are at the perfect angle to the sun and the current. The sun is on our backs and the current flows down the creek, hitting our toes and leaving our heels. The creeks gentle current ripples over the rocks that were once rich with gold but are now rich with peace. We get our crafts, drinks, chips, nuts and plant ourselves there for the afternoon. Our bodyguard Kookaburra watched over us, and we over him when decided to swoop in for a snack. The Maggies warbled and the Currawongs sang. The water trickled gently. I swear the flow of water simply washes away any troubles or worries. I feel so blissed out when we do this, it’s totally divine and the thing I long to get back to the most. Whenever I feel like I’m stressed or need a break, I mentally go back to that creek and relive the ‘crafting in the creek’ moments. Pure. Divine. Bliss.

Belts & Beanies – I mentioned before how tight space is on the bikes but we did manage to pack our crafts on this holiday (who needs a spare change of clothes?). We opted for a little luxury on the last couple of days as the rain and tents don’t go so well together. The cabin porch was a great anchor for my hubby’s belt plaiting session.

Bircher – My hubby had this one a few times because it was so darn delish! Topped with local fresh apples, dried dates & cranberries, almonds and local honey – how good does it look? Sadly, me and my allergies could only look on and take photos.

Breakfast – Till we got to the next stop, then me and my allergies could dive into a delicious spiced poached pear with a fig and prune compote all drizzled with the same local honey. And it was in the prettiest old converted Nunnery that boasts a front entrance like this!

Bargains – I managed to find the clearance basket and pick up this gorgeous yellow baby alpaca yarn. We left some food behind so we had room to take 6 balls of this home in our packing – Priorities!

Burke Museum – These last two pictures were taken with my iphone through a glass window so excuse the quality… But how gorgeous is the vintage knitting and crochet? Have you ever thought about knitting curtains in your entire life? I know I haven’t but love the idea! Not that I think I will, it must have taking so long to make them. Aren’t they pretty though.

Brilliant Walks – Who wouldn’t want to go for a walk down a brilliant Oak tree lined path like this? It’s a beautifully shaded walk but can you imagine how pretty this will look when it’s in full Autumn glory?

Well that was my ‘B’ holiday. It was lovely, I feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to tackle the next things on my ever growing to do list.

Hope you get some blissful beautiful brilliant breathtaking moments in your day today!

cashmere fans

Cashmere Fans Blanket
75% Extra fine merino, 20% silk, 5% Cashmere. Crochet.

I just love this vintage fan pattern! I’ve used it before here and here, and I found it via a favourite blog, Meet me at Mikes.

It’s really much easier than it looks.

This is the first time I’ve edged this pattern though… and that was a little tricky to work out at first. Exactly where and how to attach an edge as the natural edge of the pattern is not a straight line.

So this is what I ended up with. A couple of rows of single crochet (crocheted into the back of the stitch like it’s done throughout the pattern), followed by a few rows of open squares then finished with a row of single crochet.

I whipped up this little matching beanie with the left over yarn. All done in single crochet stitch but I reversed the side for the last couple of rows to create some subtle texture for a band. I topped it off with a cute little tassel. Which by the looks of this photo has one stray long runaway strand!

I really enjoy working this pattern and love love love love the colour combo in this blanket. I think it might be one of my favourite colour combinations actually which is rather surprising as it’s not blue! OMG! Well… Ok… I admit the turquoise colour is quite blueish in some lights. The yarn is ever so soft and feather like with the silk and cashmere content, and it creates the most amazing drape. It’s very flowy and billowy and a little tricky to describe actually. It’s perfect for a baby blanket (tis cot size) as it’s delicate, light and with the open style pattern it provides a breathable warmth so would be suitable for all seasons (apart from extreme temperatures of course).

I’ve had this yarn for quite a while, and was a bit precious with it in regards to what I was going to make with it. I’m happy I waited and am thrilled with the result. In fact if it wasn’t so expensive I’d love to buy a big stash and make myself a throw blanket out of it! One day maybe… Could you imagine how soft and luxurious it would feel to wrap yourself up in cashmere, silk and extra fine merino? Divine!.

The exciting thing now is I can start a new project! Don’t you just love the anticipation and pondering before a new creation? I enjoy that part almost as much as the crocheting… Sitting amongst my yarn stash… which is growing rapidly…faster than I can knit or crochet it… and taking over the craft room… so much so that my hubby has nicknamed my craft room ‘the yarn shop’… so I’ve done a little ‘re-stocking’ lately… but oh my, to lovingly handling the skeins and balls… pairing them up in colours and ply’s… and textures and blends… browsing through patterns for inspiration or courage to tackle an actual pattern… I am getting braver in that department… So brave I even picked up some new pattern books recently… Ah yes, it’s all part of that creative process that I find so inspiring… and I love feeling inspired.

Do you feel brave when you embark on a new pattern? I’m off to be brave and inspired… hope you find a little brave inspiration in your day!