taking stock, take four

Hello! Where have you been? Has it been good? Are you well?
I’ve been chasing my tail more than usual over the last month, so I figured a good way to catch up was with a taking stock post. (Thanks for the great prompts Pip!)

Kiandra, Kenzo & Sai

Making : Another baby alpaca scarf. Charcoal grey in the sweetest slightly lacey pattern.
Cooking : A slow cooked beef massaman for dinner. We’re up to hour 3 in oven and the house smells amazing.
Drinking : A ginger, lemon & honey cordial… I’ve run out of my homemade ginger syrup… I know, it’s criminal!
Reading: Blogs and I’m still flipping through my already read copy of Craft for Soul. So many gems in that book.
Wanting: A lot of not very much… if that makes sense?
Looking: For little farms in the country.
Playing: Fraser A Gorman Book of Love… heaps! And this one too… I can’t be held responsible if these get stuck in your head all day either.
Deciding: What stuff to keep and what to declutter. 18 years in the same home accumulates a lot of STUFF.
Wishing: All the stars would hurry up and align so everything could fall into place.
Enjoying: Crocheting… I’d so lost without my crafty times.
Waiting: For patience. Possibly not my strong point right now. See Wishing.
Liking: Walking Kenzo and Sai with my daughter.
Wondering: How I’ll go walking Kenzo & Sai by myself when my daughter and her fiance leave for Iceland. to. get. married!
Loving: That my daughter and her fiance are having the wedding of their dreams and nobody elses.
Pondering: How I’ll feel when her special day comes and I’ll be on the other side of the world…
Disliking: That my camera broke.
Considering: Buying a new camera. Any suggestions?
Watching: The belt orders mount up for Charlie… he’s a busy little plaiter these days.
Hoping: The Icelandic weather gods are kind.
Smelling: Daphne. One little vase fills the room with the sweetest scent.
Wearing: Yesterdays perfume, bed hair and runners from my walk this morning. I know, just so glamorous.
Noticing: How productive I am even when I’m stuffed. Soldier on then crash like a trooper I say.
Knowing: I need to walk more.
Thinking: I need to prioritise walking time. I totally love it but somehow it’s easy to push down the to do list.
Feeling: Satisfied with this weekends achievements of shopping, watching the MotoGP with my ma & pa, house cleaning and tidying, cooking, wrapping, writing, crocheting, mending, walking, and blogging!
Sorting: Clothes, not very successfully. I did a big declutter but left the two garbage bags full of clothes by the door for a week. I had to retrieve an item of clothing thrown out in a frenzied declutter moment. Twice.
Buying: Boots. It’s winter and they were on sale!
Getting: Excited about attending this amazing workshop.
Opening: Unexpected happy mail. What a thrill that is.
Giggling: At the guy who crossed the finish line on his knees, beside his motorbike, then gracefully just stood up and got back on. Funniest save ever.
Snacking: On too much Willies Cacao chocolate. The salted, milk of the gods and white are ridiculously delicious.
Coveting: Pretty little farms in the country.
Helping: This fundraising project. Imagine a school that teaches compassion and kindness and open-heartedness. Pretty wonderful right?
Hearing: Most mornings I hear the magpies warble whilst drinking my morning coffee in the window seat. It’s such a fave part of the day.

Ok so that’s me all caught up. How about you? Whatcha been up to?

May kindness and compassion touch you today.