beanies & orangutans

Snow Grey Beanie
50% Alpaca, 35% Merino Wool, 15% Silk. Knit.

This little beanie is a slightly tweaked version of my last beanie using the pattern from Foxs Lane again. It can be worn with or without a folded up brim, and is very stretchy so would fit a wee bub right through to a small child. The yarn is deliciously soft and flows from very chunky to quite thin in a gentle organic manner. I love the snowy soft grey colour. A good portion of this beanie was knitted very high up in sky, on the plane between Melbourne and Singapore, let’s just say it’s a well travelled beanie.

Elf Beanie
50% Alpaca, 30% Merino Wool, 10% Silk, 10% Nylon. Crochet.

I had some left over sock yarn from the recent pair of socks I knitted, but not much, so I figured I’d get a little beanie out of it. Well as you can see, Ted is holding the left over yarn so I reckon I’d get another beanie out it. Talk about yardage! I like the little detail towards the brim of this beanie, the two rows with spaces, the ever so slightly scalloped edge and the little plaited tassel on top. I think it looks elf like. No pattern used, just made it up as I went. I think I’ll be doing more tassels though, I love them.

In Singapore you can have breakfast with the Orangutans, and this cheeky little baby Orangutan stole the show with his cuteness and mischievous nature.

The adult Orangutans sat in their designated spot, happily eating their breakfast and checking out the ‘visitors’. But this little guy had ants in his pants and didn’t sit still for a moment. So entertaining.

Muma Orangutan looked over at her bubs a bit keeping one eye on him and one on the ‘visitors’ whilst munching away on her breakfast. I thought she looked a little sad in this shot though…

Such beautiful expression on their faces… and a knowing wisdom in their eyes… So human like… mesmerizing… beautiful… It was a real treat to see these guys up close. Such gorgeous creatures. I do hope with all my heart that they wont become extinct in the wild… it would be a dreadful loss. Next time you are at the zoo, visit the Orangutans and look into their eyes, and tell me you were not mesmerized by them!

Exciting times ahead back in the yarn loving department. I managed to visit a Yarn shop just before it closed and shopped up a storm ahem, re-stocked my yarn stash – all at 50% off! I know, what a bargain hey? I couldn’t believe my eyes! Stay tuned for an abundance of divine yarn projects coming soon.

Hoping you all get to enjoy a beautiful new experience soon.

PS. Do you like the teddy? It’s a sweetie isn’t? It was a gift to my daughter when she was born. She’s now 22! Ted’s aged well wouldn’t you say?


it was an ‘s’ kind of sunday

My Sunday was full of Spring, Sunshine, Sunrays, Show offs, Serenity, Skeins & Socks.

The first of the cherry tree blossom was out… reflecting beautifully… in the lake… at my favourite park… in the mountains.

Glistening… on the other lake… at my favourite park… in the mountains.

Even heart shaped sunrays… shining through the tall gum tree forest… over the tree ferns… landing on the pretty pink rhododendrons.

Show offs
This blurry masses of feathers… were two very chatty little Lyrebirds… putting on a fabulous display… fighting to claim their own patch of dirt… to dig up some more dinner.

Serenity Point actually… yes that’s really the name of this spot… overlooking the Yarra Valley… with the blue-est of blue sky blessing us… very serene.

My skein was wound into a ball… my hubby is good at the winding part… I am good at the skein holding part… he is wearing an alpaca jumping… whilst winding alpaca yarn… we are a bit biased… regarding alpacas.

I started my second sock… at Serenity Point… my hubby plaited his leather belt… we crafted together… in the spring… sunshine… it was gloriously serene… we felt like we’d had a holiday… by the time we left… just a few hours later.

I wish all my Sundays were like this.

I’d like another ‘S’ kind of Sunday… sprinkled with daffodils… sunshine… craft… and serenity… soon.

Hope you get your dose of Serenity soon too!