Random Raspberry Ripples

Random Raspberry Ripples Blankie
100% cotton, crochet

Detail of the granny stitch ripple – which was easy once I got going but the edges confused me at the start.

Well I’m back at work today after my holidays so the posts and projects will slow down again 😦
Ah how I’d love to stay at home and crochet every day 🙂
Am amazed I’ve managed to get up extra early for this last little holiday project post before I go to work! I must be well rested…
Thought I’d leave you with a view of the new little blue glasses I picked up on a recent day trip to Beechworth – aren’t they sweeties? Garden flowers a little sparse at the moment, so I shoved a couple of lavender flowers in them. Will no doubt update this view with pretty flowers, arranged with care and time, and a cleaner window…soon… but not that soon as I’m back at the 9-5 now.


ripples & porch crochet

no finished project today, just a progress shot of my first granny stitch ripple blanket. 100% cotton

….. a post post edit to answer a lovely comment….. I used the granny stitch ripple pattern from the lazy hobbyhopper blog – thanks lazy hobbyhopper.

Also thought I’d share the view I enjoyed whilst crocheting this sweet little ripple. It’s the peaceful porch of dove cottage and I think it’s my new favourite place to crochet!