Ah yes, we all need a little inspiration sometimes.

So… where do you find yours?

I find mine most often in Mother Nature, I think She gets it right all the time. The colour blends, textures and shapes – looking effortlessly coordinated, contrasting or matching… but not too matchy-matchy!

The blanket I just finished borrowed heavily on the Autumn colours I kept seeing on walks through gardens…

Beautiful gardens with lovely calm and still reflective lakes…

Beautiful gardens with a huge grove of cherry blossoms nearing the end of their Autumn glory…

Beautiful gardens with Autumn hues that are so vibrant you’d think a busy little fairy is painting the leaves bright red during the night…

And so the Autumn Ripples Blanket was born. (Blanket name eventually comes – and seems so obvious in hindsight!)
Inspired by my Autumn walks in beautiful gardens…Big hugs to Mother Nature for Her endless source of beauty and inspiration.


A little work in progress and a pretty sunrise

Yet to be named blanket
90% cotton, 10% silk, crochet.
It’s been a quiet week on the crochet front but a busy week on the life front – so here’s a little work in progress to fill in the void. Tis a lovely simple stitch pattern that produces a sweet soft ripple – big thanks to Lucy at Attic24 for the pattern.

This is just one of the stunning peachy pink sunrises I’ve been lucky enough to see in the morning over this last week. …Gotta love mother nature and her exquisite colour choice for the morning!