postcards from nz – sunrise


Motivated by a sunrise view from the top of the mountain over the sea, we rose early and walked to the top of mt maunganui in the dark. We heard the Morepork owl hooting his ‘more pork, more pork’ (seriously!) and climbed the very very steep mount. This ‘1km on the flat’ girl struggled, but as it was dark I couldn’t see how bad it was going get nearing the top. And hubby kept promising me it was about to flatten out. And I really wanted a good sunrise photo. In a lather of sweat, calves burning and seriously out of breath, we sat and waited for the sun at the summit. And oh boy was she worth it.


postcards from nz – mt maunganui


Walking the base of the mount as dusk descended, sharing the path with sheep, bunnies and even a rat (eewww I know – but true ). The waves gently tumbled into shore on the bay side, and gradually got a little ferocious as we rounded the mount nearing the wild ocean side. 3.4 km of peaceful pretty walking, with a stunning sea view on every corner. On sacred land. Protected land that will never built on and remain as gorgeous as Mother Nature intended, forever. Bless. The full moon greeted us with her shining beaming beauty, lighting our path from across the rippling ocean, as we neared the end of the track. ‘Twas a walk to remember.

postcards from nz


We arrived in Auckland the evening of the day Cyclone Lucy came to town. We fell asleep listening to the wild left over wind howl… I don’t think I’ve ever heard wind howl before, but it does, and it was a little unnerving. I couldn’t help but think about how poor Dorothy felt wizzing around in her house with toto. I obviously wouldn’t be waking up in oz but I did wonder if we’d wake to a massive tree branch crushing our hire car! Wild winds aside, day two is calmer and on to the Bay of Plenty we go…