raindrops on snowdrops

The Bees are face-down-bum-up in the Daphne, which smells simply divine. Night rain leaves the snowdrop patch sparkling like diamonds as the morning sun streams in. Camellias show off their pretty colours with their delicate petals dancing in the late afternoon light. Daffodils turn their sunshine faces towards the sun and the Hyacinths poke their pretty little heads out of the ground, reminding me spring is near. As the sunlight flickers through the trees I watch the birds gather their twigs and treasures, ever so selective in their choice. I listen to the chirpy cheery birds and soak the up the quiet peace of the garden.

Ok, I’m ready for another day.

I hope you are well and find sparkly diamonds in your garden.

dear monday 13.7.15


Still reflections on the early morning walk to the Hot Water Beach.

Low tide unveils an area on the beach where ripples of natural hot thermal waters run just under the surface of the sand. Steam rises from the sand and confuses the senses, as the crisp sea air blows by your face whilst your feet feel the warmth from below.

Dig a little hole, it quickly fills with steaming hot water… let some of the gently lapping waves trickle in until the temperature is just right… have a soothing healing hot bath… watch the waves roll out and the sun come up… soak it in… soak it up… heal… breathe… be…

Hot Water Beach, Coromandel Peninsula. North Island, New Zealand. March 2014.


dear monday 

What? Greeting Mondays with gratitude and memories of dreams come true.

How? Sharing a favourite 2014 holiday photo every Monday in 2015. 

Why? Cos I don’t like Mondays so I’m going to fight them with sweet moments.

You? Feel free to join in #dearmonday2015 (leave a link in the comments below so we can see it!)

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shades of winter

Brrr… the cold snap in Melbourne has made herself at home… rain is falling as I type and the heater is on high… but yesterday we managed to squeeze in a walk, in between the showers.

Winter has her own chilly beauty… bare and exposed branches… raindrops on flowers… moss and lichen… and every shade of green imaginable.

I do love that winter makes you want to hibernate indoors and slow down the pace… long slow cooked casseroles and soups… lots of hot cuppas… crocheting to the sound of rain… That’s my plan for today at least anyway.

How about you? Are you somewhere toasty hot and beachy, looking out at blue waves rolling in? Or are you close to the fire, watching the grey sky settle in for the day?

May your view be one that warms your heart.

winter calm


So winter is here, and despite the blue sky today, it was freezing… the air in the mountains has that chill to it that reminds you there’s snow in air, making it a little harder to get out the door for a walk. But I’m so pleased when I do, winter has her own prettiness and is worth the chilly bits. I do it for the peace I feel when walking in a beautiful garden, to breathe clean air, to be close to nature, and for my physical health.

I’m working on making the looking-after-self thing more of a priority lately, which means more walking and finding more time to meditate. Sometimes it’s just a little mind wander, or a slower pace in the frenzy of swirling thoughts, or a mountain of zen, or a quite moment, and occasionally it’s the real deal, a peaceful deep state of calm. But that takes a lot of time and constant practice and I really struggle with the time thing these days.

Then along comes Sash over at Inked in Colour with her post Tea to meditate to. It’s a simple way to bring a little calm mindfulness into the day, without a lot of time and preparation and made a lot of sense to me. I’m definitely going to try to incorporate this into one of the many times I make myself a cuppa during the day. Even if you don’t meditate, I reckon you could have a go at this and maybe benefit from it. I always feel better and more together when I’ve had some slow in my day and calm in my head. And it’s such a bonus that it only takes a few minutes! So on that note, I’m off to pop the kettle on and make myself some tea to meditate to.

May you find peace in your cuppa.

my smile inducers… may 2015

It’s smile time! I want to stop and think about the things that make me smile… smile… and maybe… hopefully… make you smile… and get you thinking about the things that bring a happy smile to your face… or heart… or both. #smilefest


Another beanie finished and another kid obliged with photos. On a roll. Although the best photo from this lot turned out to be the one where I said ‘You can’t roll your eyes in the photo!’. You know how your kids (adult really – he’s nearly 24!) can get all eyeball rolling when you want to take 20 photos of them in your knitted goods, in the cold, outside? Geez, I can’t understand it! This beanie is a roll up or down cuff variety and is thick and cozy and warm with its beautiful New Zealand wool and a mix of a bamboo/alpaca/merino blend. Chunky and solid and quite ‘blokey’ I reckon.  
Bonus smile: He told me that ‘I turned out pretty good’ [as a parent], it came out in conversation quite innocently even though it sounds a bit weird, the kid telling the parent they turned out ok. We had a good laugh about it and I told him I think he turned out pretty good too… and I have this other beanie I need to photograph…

This beautiful card brought a heartfelt smile to my face. The stunning image was created from a stamp that my clever daughter drew and then carved out. The movement in the petals, the design in the leaves… Oh how her creative talents blow me away!


It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Pip Lincoln from Meet me at Mikes, and her latest book ‘Craft for the Soul’ is a smile inducer of the most sincerest kind. There’s so many great ideas in this book to bring some ‘nice times’ into your life, that you’d be hard pressed to feel anything but happy when reading it. Terrific practical ideas to encourage out the creative, spark ideas, and move in the direction you really want to go in. I found myself smirking and giggling quite a bit throughout this book, Pip’s sense of humour is pretty cute! I can see it’s going to be one of those books that I’ll come back to time and time again, and tap into its motivation and positive can do attitude. I don’t even think you need to be crafty to enjoy this book. If you’re on the hunt for a smile then I highly recommend picking yourself up a copy. You’ll be smiling before you know it and maybe even making a pom pom, or crocheting a blanket, or going for a walk everyday, or writing 3 pages every morning.

We have an arch in the backyard and nearly everyday the same two doves come and sit on top of the arch and snuggle and cuddle and fluff up their feathers and look all cute. My little Dove Cottage has its own little resident love doves. Awww.

Magical walks under pretty Autumn trees as the leaves gently rain down. Impossible to not smile.

Walking on fallen crunchy Autumns leaves puts a spring in my step and makes me feel like a kid. If you always stay on the path, then veer off under the tree and take yourself on a crunchy walk and feel the corners of your mouth creep up towards your cheeks!

The other day I was down and out with one of those dreaded winterish lurgies. My throat was the worst hit, so I took to my trusty old medicine that I purchased in Paris a couple of years ago. Because when I went to live the Paris dream holiday, my tonsils decided it was party time. I fixed them good and proper with a natural medicine bought from the ‘Herboristerie’ down the ‘rue’ (herbalist’s shop). This medicine has a distinct smell and taste (don’t all herbal remedies?) and every time I have it, I am immediately transported back to Paris, wandering the boulevards with my sister, chirping bonjour in a bad accent, and smiling at anybody who looked at me. So, being hit with a sore throat these days has a sweet memory filled smiley french side effect. Nice.

Toast and Peach Jam made my with homegrown clingstone peaches. Exactly! This is probably just a delicious moment for most people, but for someone deprived of bready goodness for the best part of a decade, it is indescribable joy. I am making my special potato bread on a regular basis and enjoying a bready type breakfast e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y.!.!.!.! It’s such a thrill! Tho’ I might cry when I run out of my Peach Jam.

I finished this lovely lacey Cashmere blankie. It’s so light and has the softest drape and it made me so very happy to gift it to my mum for Mother’s Day.

So that’s my little walk down smiley lane. How about you? What’s been making you smile? What’s made your heart happy lately? Has something put the spring in your step? Share a smiley moment in the comments if you’d like… I love to hear some… smiles are contagious you know…

Sending a happy smile your way, hope you catch it!

country peace

This is what country peace looks like for me…

Being close to mothernature with the sounds of the river and the birds, creating something, and just hanging out with no place else to be…

Charlie patiently tying knots and untangling line, with the hope of a Trout dinner the reward… it wasn’t… but it didn’t matter…

Walking along the banks of a river for no other reason than to just admire its beauty…

Even just taking the time to experiment with camera settings, instead of trying to get the shot quickly and move on to the next thing…

Taking the time to follow The Lake Labyrinth path:
“The Labyrinth is a journey
The way to the centre
The way to ourselves”

Stopping to acknowledge those that came before us, carving a way through the rugged Australian country, finding gold and building a town we can all enjoy many years later…

Stopping by ramshackle old houses that a stranger might see as just old and run down… but others know it as a home brimming with family, home cooking, friendship, nurturing, home grown produce, fresh milk from the cows, safety, childhood memories… but mostly love…

I’m sure I breathe deeper and move slower in the wide open spaces of the country…

Beechworth always gifts me with a dose of country peace… and I always leave vowing to go back before as much time passes between visits again.

Wishing you a place that nurtures your soul, replenishes your spirit and brings you peace.