baby beanie (modelled by muma owl)

Baby Lachlan Beanie
90% Cotton, 10% Silk, Crochet.

My cousin and his lovely wife welcomed their little baby boy Lachlan to world earlier this week. We got to meet him last night and boy oh boy is he a sweetie! I whipped up this little beanie for him to go with my Panda Lovin’ Blanket as a gift.

I didn’t use a pattern, just fluffed along as usual so it’s a little (lot!) big for him… but we all know how fast babies grow right? He’ll be in it in no time. Right?

I used a double crochet stitch for most of the hat except near the brim I reduced to a half double crochet then a single crochet. I made the little pom pom with a fork. Have you seen that technique on Pinterest yet? It’s very effective.

I use two strands of yarn together to create a more solid little beanie. The blue and white together for the top, then two whites and then finished it with a single strand of blue along the rim. It’s super soft being a cotton silk blend so perfect for a newbie babe.

Well I’m off to work on one of the 3 projects I have on the go at the moment. Two knitting and one crochet… But I want to start another one too… With some new yarn I have…I think I have a problem.

Do you have a few projects on the go at once too? Are you tempted to start another despite this? Are you a bit addicted to yarn shopping too? Happy crafting/shopping days to you!