winter flowers and some modern retro

Modern Retro Blanket
Yellow: 100% Pure Baby Alpaca, Teal: 80% Alpaca and 20% Organic Merino Wool. Crochet.
My colour inspiration was a direct rip off from these photos!

It’s my…a bit modern (teal and yellow)… but a bit retro (granny square) blanket. It’s feather light and super soft. It kept my legs so warm whilst I was crocheting it, and is quite delicate being all 4ply yarn. Generous in size, this baby would be a great lap blanket or a gorgeous modern baby blanket. Quite the versatile little blankie I think.

It’s a granny square that just kept going. I added a few thin stripes, then some chunkier ones, and I really love the effect this created. I might find it a bit hard to part with actually, but I will be listing it in the Shop soon. If I can bring myself to do it.

And I just have to share a picture of this gorgeous Rhododendron. This winter flower is our new Rhododendron ‘Wedding Gown’. It’s just starting flowering and is so pretty!

Lime green in the bud, it opens to the most light bright white delicate flower.

It’s on the front porch, in it’s very large pot that we purchased it in, but will be planted in the garden once it’s finished flowering. (we didn’t want to send it in shock and risk the billion buds on it not opening!) The pretty little pink buds in the background here are Jasmine. It grows all over my front porch and is about to explode into a delicious sweet heady scent that knocks your socks off when you walk up the porch steps. A perfect entrance to Dove Cottage.

My favourite tall gum tree forest was in the misty clouds on my last visit. It looked absolutely gorgeous!

Mother nature rewards me enormously when I make it to my winter walks. Although the day was very grey, raining on and off, overcast, no sun in sight, gloomy even – I am greeted on my walk with this gorgeous sight! I am really falling in love with Rhododendrons. Especially the early flowering ones that give you a big tree with red pom poms like this one.

And how’s this for a cheery path? I was walking in the rain at this point, but I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face snapping these beauties.

I’m going to leave you with this pretty yellow daffy, and send out cheer and hope and love to all, in honour of Daffodil Day.

Hope you find some bright cheeriness in your day… even if it looks gloomy outside… may you find a flower that puts a smile on your face.


more beanies and a bengal kitten

Silky Beanie
50% Alpaca, 35% Merino Wool, 15% Silk. Knit.

This is a lovely yarn blend. It graduates ever so gently from thick to thin and is very soft to touch. I also love it’s super subtle colour variation, it’s so subtle you could easily not notice it… unless you’re a bit of a yarn freak like me!

Still on the Beanie thing… Still loving the greys…Still getting used to knitting in the round… Still using the fabulously easy pattern from Kate at Foxs Lane for a base. Thanks Kate!

Flowerpower Beanie
Grey: 50% Baby Alpaca, 30% Merino Wool, 20% Bamboo.
Lime: 68% Baby Alpaca, 22% Silk, 10% Extra Fine Merino Wool. Crochet.

I wanted to throw an unexpected element into this grey beanie which is where the contrasting lime green came in… and I liked the idea of a beanie that would cover your ears… as I thought about how to create this, flowers came to mind.

What’s cuter (or weirder possibly for some!) than flowers on your ears to keep them warm?
This beanie is a little big on Ted… I’m yet to find a willing larger head size model.
No pattern used here… and the next grey creation wont be another beanie… I think… I’ll try… I can’t promise.

Bengal Tiger in the Jungle (well um, overgrown front yard actually)

This cute little Bengal kitten belongs to my daughter and her boyfriend. They are in New Zealand on holidays so we’re doing a little kitten-sitting at the moment.
Koya is such a sweet thing and I swear she’s as soft as my pure baby alpaca blankets. And if this looks like a normal photo, can I just let you know that she doesn’t sit still for a second and it was a lot harder to take than it looks.

I confess I’ve not been knitting or crocheting much whilst she’s been here either. That yarn … those needles … are just like a red flag to a bull … she’ll charge at anything that moves… and even stuff that doesn’t! It’s very hard to get anything done to be honest, even watching TV is a challenge as I keep getting distracted watching her funny little antics. Who’d have thought a little packet of tissues could provide hours of entertainment… for both of us!

I can’t stop crafting for long though…so maybe I’ll have to sneak away… quietly… and try not to click clack those knitting needles too loudly.
I’ll let you know how I go with that.
In the meantime, wishing you happy click clacking days full of cuteness like a kitten!

beanies & orangutans

Snow Grey Beanie
50% Alpaca, 35% Merino Wool, 15% Silk. Knit.

This little beanie is a slightly tweaked version of my last beanie using the pattern from Foxs Lane again. It can be worn with or without a folded up brim, and is very stretchy so would fit a wee bub right through to a small child. The yarn is deliciously soft and flows from very chunky to quite thin in a gentle organic manner. I love the snowy soft grey colour. A good portion of this beanie was knitted very high up in sky, on the plane between Melbourne and Singapore, let’s just say it’s a well travelled beanie.

Elf Beanie
50% Alpaca, 30% Merino Wool, 10% Silk, 10% Nylon. Crochet.

I had some left over sock yarn from the recent pair of socks I knitted, but not much, so I figured I’d get a little beanie out of it. Well as you can see, Ted is holding the left over yarn so I reckon I’d get another beanie out it. Talk about yardage! I like the little detail towards the brim of this beanie, the two rows with spaces, the ever so slightly scalloped edge and the little plaited tassel on top. I think it looks elf like. No pattern used, just made it up as I went. I think I’ll be doing more tassels though, I love them.

In Singapore you can have breakfast with the Orangutans, and this cheeky little baby Orangutan stole the show with his cuteness and mischievous nature.

The adult Orangutans sat in their designated spot, happily eating their breakfast and checking out the ‘visitors’. But this little guy had ants in his pants and didn’t sit still for a moment. So entertaining.

Muma Orangutan looked over at her bubs a bit keeping one eye on him and one on the ‘visitors’ whilst munching away on her breakfast. I thought she looked a little sad in this shot though…

Such beautiful expression on their faces… and a knowing wisdom in their eyes… So human like… mesmerizing… beautiful… It was a real treat to see these guys up close. Such gorgeous creatures. I do hope with all my heart that they wont become extinct in the wild… it would be a dreadful loss. Next time you are at the zoo, visit the Orangutans and look into their eyes, and tell me you were not mesmerized by them!

Exciting times ahead back in the yarn loving department. I managed to visit a Yarn shop just before it closed and shopped up a storm ahem, re-stocked my yarn stash – all at 50% off! I know, what a bargain hey? I couldn’t believe my eyes! Stay tuned for an abundance of divine yarn projects coming soon.

Hoping you all get to enjoy a beautiful new experience soon.

PS. Do you like the teddy? It’s a sweetie isn’t? It was a gift to my daughter when she was born. She’s now 22! Ted’s aged well wouldn’t you say?