have a heart!

Hello, my name is Little White Dove and I am addicted to crocheting hearts!

I thought I best do something with all the hearts I’m crocheting…

pink and green heart garland
Pink, Lemon & Green Heart Garland.
100% Suri Alpaca (Lemon), 100% Cotton (Pink, Cream), 100% Wool (Green).

pink & lemon heart garland
Pink & Lemon Heart Garland
100% Cotton (Cream, Pale Pink), 100% Suri Alpaca (Lemon), Wool/Silk/Tencel (Dark Pink)

pastel love heart garland 3
Pastel Love Heart Garland
100% Wool (Pale Green), 100% Cotton (all other colours)

grey aqua heart garland
Aqua Grey Heart Garland
100% Suri Alpaca (Cream), 100% Cotton (Cream, Aqua), 100% Wool (Teal, Grey).

teal & aqua heart garland
Teal Heart Garland
100% Cotton (White), 100% Wool (Light Teal, Dark Teal).

Do you ever get ‘stuck’ on making the same thing? Over and over?
There’s something satisfying about these sweet hearts.
In fact it fills my heart to make these hearts.

Even the bird got a little mini heart garland on his cage!
Nothing’s safe from a-crochet-attack around here.

In order to stop myself hanging a heart garland from anything I can attach one to, I think I’m going to pop these little sweeties into my Etsy Shop… as soon as I get a chance… before I find another spot for one…

Hope your day has had a good sprinkling of hearts of in it today!

cherry pie and hearts

cherry pie and cream
Cherry Pie and Cream Blanket
Cherry colour – 75% wool, 15% mohair, 5% alpaca, 5% silk. Cream colour – 100% handspun wool. Crochet.

I know. I have a thing for food names. This blanket was made especially for my daughter and I wanted it be as comforting as Cherry Pie and Cream on a cold winters day. Or at least what I imagine the comfort that ‘eating Cherry Pie and Cream on a cold winters day’ would bring. You see I have a bunch of allergies with food that rules out Cherry Pie and Cream from my diet. Unfortunately! And the colours look like they could be Cherries and Cream… in my imagination anyway. Ok, so maybe I was just hungry and wishing I could eat Cherry Pie and cream too. Hmph… in my dreams!

cherry pie and cream 3
It’s a classic granny square pattern, I just kept going… and going…

cherry pie and cream 4
7 rows of cherry red, then 2 rows of cream. This totals 9 for the pattern. I’m a bit OCD with numbers in patterns. I like my favourite numbers to appear. Often. It’s a numerology thing. And an OCD thing. Do you do that with patterns? You know, make sure they have your favourite numbers in them? I know my mum does with her beautiful jewellery making. Maybe it’s just us?

cherry pie and cream 6
The cherry red is the “Persian” blend from Bendigo Woollen Mills in ‘Rhubarb’. The cream is handspun and gently waves from thick to thin in a lovely natural organic manner. Both yarns were deliciously soft to work with and both are 100% Australian. We are so very lucky to have such gorgeous yarns of the most beautiful quality available to us here.

chartreuse love
Chartreuse Love Garland.
Dark Green 100% Cotton, Chartreuse 100% Silk.
This little sweet heart garland is for my sis. She has a lovely newly decorated set of shelves with a collection of her favourite green items on it. She mentioned recently that a crocheted heart garland would finish it off nicely. I think I found the perfect green yarns in my yarnstash*.

duckeggblue garland
Duck Egg Blue Silk Hearts
100% Pure Silk, Crochet.
I liked my sisters heart garland so much that I decided the divine duck egg blue silk had my name on it for a garland. It’s so… um… well… silky! Duh! Really luxurious to touch, but may I say, not so luxurious to crochet! A bit of a pain to honest. It splits easily and because it’s so feather light and fine, quite tricky to handle and work with in general. I think I could make this with another yarn in a third of the time… Must say though, I think it’s well worth the extra time and some colourful language!

duckeggblue heart
Sweet hey? Heart pattern was written about back here if you’re thinking about whipping one up yourself. You may see some appear in my Etsy Shop soon too… If I can handle the pace!

New project time!


Hoping your days are filled with comfort like Cherry Pie and Cream, maybe with a sip of Chartreuse on the side?
And a sprinkling of soft silky hearts!

* affectionately known as ‘The Yarn Shop’ by the hubby!

crochet & christmas

Crochet Jar Cover
Aqua & Peach 100% cotton, White & Blues 100% wool.

I whipped this little number up last night whilst watching a video (the video was not much chop!). It didn’t take that long and I just used up my scrappy ends of yarn balls.

I actually have 3 jars full of hooks and needles (you can never have too many can you?) but this one sits on the coffee table in the lounge room as it contains my favourites that are used often. It also includes a little christmas gift, some sweet scented lilac blossom hand cream. Handy to have hand cream on hand don’t you think?
Speaking of Christmas, I do hope yours was lovely? Was it full of delicious food? And family? And friends? And possibly an indulgent drink or two? Mine was… I feel very lucky to have such a gorgeous family to share special occasions like Christmas with. This year was the Dove Cottage Christmas turn. We rotate houses each year amongst my mum, my sister and myself. I thought I’d share a little glimpse of our table with you… well it does include some crochet after all!

The centre piece of the table included some silver birch branches from our garden, sprinkled with little white crochet hearts. Some cotton. Some wool. Some big. Some small. I’ve made a lot of hearts lately. There’s also a little heart garland in the background hanging up.

We don’t have a curved table, this is a panoramic picture from my iPhone and it’s actually 2 tables joined together to fit the whole family. I started with the intentions of a clean silver and white theme but got stumped by the table cloth at the start! Nothing white big enough. Turns out I had just the right size of teal fabric lying around in my fabric stash though… and I can’t help but include a healthy dose of colour in most things I do. There were hydrangea, lollies, paper doilies, reindeer with tea candles in their antlers, and later there were laughs, chats, lame giggles at the lame bon-bon cracker jokes, a generally feeling of love and peace, eating, drinking and merriment. Just like you’d want a christmas to be really.

I made these very simple, quick, easy and cheap name card placements to continue my little reindeer & silver birch theme.

There was also a very christmassy looking vintage punch bowl filled with Mojito.

There was even a Christmas kitten up the Christmas tree (whenever she was quick enough before someone spotted her!).

I hope your christmas was full of peace, love, good cheer and merriment! I hope Santa stuffed something down the chimney that was on your wish list. And I hope you get to see the New Year in just how you’d like to… at home… at a party… watching fireworks… Cheers to you, see you in 2013!

hearts & stars

Don’t you just love a red heart? I do, and I found this terrific quick easy little crochet heart pattern at Cornflower Blue Studio. And isn’t that the cutest name! Ok, I admit I’m swayed by the blue in it, and even further by the cornflower in it, as that’s one of my favourite shades of blue, but it is cute… don’t you think?

I made a little collection of them with the plan to turn them into a sweet little heart garland. I played around with the process of attaching them, then finally settled on a chain strand and two attachment points – they just looked a bit odd with a single one. I must say Rachel does warn you at the start of the pattern that they can be addictive. I confess they are… consider yourself doubly warned. And friends and family of mine… just pretend to be surprised if you get one under the tree ok?

I was feeling a little Christmasy (hard to escape at the moment really) and wanted to make a little door trim. Now I know my little Star Door Trim picture is not hanging on a door – but that’s because I just couldn’t get the right light/angle etc to make it look pretty. I really need to learn more about how to operate my fab little camera!
Back to the stars…The lovely Pip from Meet Me at Mikes had recently posted a cute pattern on crocheting stars. It looked quick and easy – and that’s an instant winner for me. I also found another pattern by Molly at A Foothill Home Companion and after making one star from each pattern, I decided I liked a bit from each one. I’m picky like that. I used Molly’s pattern for the body and a bit of the points, and Pip’s pattern for the other bit of the points. Pip’s had an extra chain right at the pointy end of the point, and I found this gave my stars a pointier point… if you get my point?

cheats star stiffening
These are super easy little twinkles to whip up in no time, the longest bit was the flattening process. But I cheated a bit here, because I’m a bit lazy like that. I didn’t have any PVA glue to stiffen them up so I just did it with water. As you can see from the first picture, they do curl beyond star recognition when you finish crocheting them. A little spray of water and a pin on each point sorts them out nice and flat. But alas my cheating has come back to bite me as I see that some of the points are starting to curl slightly. So if you are going to have a go at these may I suggest not cheating and doing the stiffening bit properly? Unless of course you like your stars a little on the curly side which is all fine and well too. To each their own I say. As for me, I’m off to get some PVA glue!

Big thanks to the wonderful crafty blogging world for so generously sharing patterns like Rachel, Molly and especially Pip. Meet me at Mikes is a constant source of inspiration and it feels just like I’m chatting with a friend each time I read her friendly posts.

i heart hearts

When I spotted this pattern I just knew I would be making one or two of these blankets…being that I love hearts and all! This is my current work in progress and will be quite the generous blanket… I’m still deciding if it will be a throw blanket size or a single bed size… Will see how much further the yarn goes. It’s all 100% pure wool except the pale blue which is an alpaca/wool blend.
This is such a simple little pattern that repeats every 3 rows so it’s super easy to remember. In fact it’s so easy…..

…I decided to get another one on the go! This one will be a baby blanket size and I’ve used the 90% cotton 10% silk blend yarn so it’s divinely silky to touch.
I found the original pattern here via here. The second link is in Dutch but does give you the number of chain stitches required to make the pattern work in another size – most helpful I thought! Big thanks to Charlotte for this info.

Peter Pan Collar
100% Cotton crocheted.
The only finished project in a while – and I only finished them as I needed to wear one last week for a Vintage High Tea with friends. A fun little dress up session with some dear friends where we also had our photos taken. I cropped myself out of one and updated my ‘little white dove photo’ on the side menu… Gotta love soft lighting/focus. The Peter Pan collar went quite well with my little Victory Rolls effort.
I found a pattern for the collar here but then added a little chain frill to the edge, doubling it up around the front curves. Then discovered this collar was too small and delicate for my outfit so I tweaked the pattern in a few spots and came up with the larger variety and just a simple single chain frill row. It wasn’t complicated at all and adapted quite well to a larger size. Big thanks to Shara Lamberth for the pattern.

I feel some knitting coming on next…