photographic diary of hawaii

Ok if you got this far, well done you! I really just wanted to share some photos of Hawaii with you, I know I wrote you back here, but I have so many photos (shocking yes?) of the incredible natural beauty on Oahu that I just couldn’t leave it at a single postcard.

One day my sis, her hubby and my hubby all went on a Photography tour (the first 10 photos are from this day). The pick up was early in order to catch the sunrise, and as it was only our second day there we were deliriously tired, but boy was it a great way to see some of the Island.

Sunrise over Sandy Beach was pretty special. Our guide made sure to mention it was the number 1 beach for accidents in Hawaii with lots of fractured necks etc due to the extreme shore break and rogue waves. So I was the girl just about walking up on the grassy embankment for fear a freak wave would come and drag me in, never mind the fact of 30 odd surfers out there playing in the water! #callmechickenshit. I got a little braver after we’d been there a while but you wouldn’t find me doing this for the ultimate shot! I got sweaty palms just watching the girl fishing off the rocks further around the island, as the sheer drop right in front of her was pretty damn big. And rough. And the force at which those waves broke against the rocks was powerful. And it was so windy that day, a decent gust could blow you off balance. That said, there was a massive squall travelling parallel to us for most of the day. We crossed paths a few times but mostly it made for dramatic skies and a double rainbow. And getting rained on at exactly the minute our guide informed us we would. He’d say, ‘see that grey bit just there, that’ll be hitting us in about 6 minutes” … and sure enough, 6 minutes later we’d be getting dumped on. It passed as quickly as it arrived but it wasn’t cold, so it didn’t matter too much. We just ducked for cover a few times.

Back home (in Waikiki) we enjoyed a sunrise and sunset walk around the marina. I was impressed with the sheer number of surfers hitting the waves so early and again at dusk. The sky was probably one of my favourite things of Hawaii. Everchanging, colourful, dark, eerie, gloomy, clear, bright, sunny, muted, pretty, sparkly… it was constantly changing and always stunning. And the colour of the water, I understand why they call it Blue Hawaii now! So vivid like a royal blue at times, then towards a teal and aqua in other places… but mostly a rich deep beautiful blue. And how could I not love a place surrounded by my favourite colour?

Mahalo Oahu, till we meet again.

Wishing you sparkly skies full of your favourite colours x