spring meadow butterflies

Spring Meadow Blanket & Butterfly Garland
100% Cotton except the pink is 100% Wool. Crochet.

Spring Meadow is finally finished! It’s a gorgeous soft, slightly chunky, floppy blanket that’s just perfect for a spring babe.

It’s mostly a lovely cream colour with a row of Daffodils, Roses & Tulips at the base. It will be going into my Etsy shop soon.

The Spring Meadow garland wasn’t my original idea for the butterflies… I had this idea of attaching a few butterflies to the blanket but I didn’t like the look of them on the blanket… the proportions were all wrong and it just looked a bit too tizzy. So onto a garland they went. I now think this would make the perfect addition to the blanket in a sweet babes room or pram.

Forget me not Butterfly Garland.
100% Cotton, crochet.

Crocheting the Butterflies was a little like when I was crocheting the hearts… I kinda couldn’t stop… So I made another garland… as you do!

It’s such a simple little pattern that’s actually quite easy to remember once you’ve done it couple of times. I’m going to try to move on from the butterflies now as I’m excitedly ready for a whole project. Yay! I love this part and can’t wait till inspiration hits and that moment when you say “That’s it… That’s what I’m making next!” … In meantime you’ll probably find me at my yarn stash squishing lovely skeins of yarn or pondering over the many projects I’ve got lined up on my wish list at Pinterest and Ravelry.

I’ll leave you with my Spring Tea Party themed picture that I created for an Instagram competition to win a gorgeous Mrs Smiley’s necklace. Have you seen these necklaces? They are so pretty and very unique. I’m lucky enough to have one of their bunny locket necklaces but you really couldn’t have too many of them – they’re gorgeous.

Hope you get to enjoy a nice a nice cuppa in some lovely sunshine today… Near a blossom tree or a pretty golden tree with leaves gently falling… with a tasty macaron or two… birds chirping… bees buzzing… butterflies fluttering by… Mmmm that sounds so nice, I might take my cuppa out to the backyard and do just that… No macarons though… I already ate them. And yes… they were delish!

hearts & stars

Don’t you just love a red heart? I do, and I found this terrific quick easy little crochet heart pattern at Cornflower Blue Studio. And isn’t that the cutest name! Ok, I admit I’m swayed by the blue in it, and even further by the cornflower in it, as that’s one of my favourite shades of blue, but it is cute… don’t you think?

I made a little collection of them with the plan to turn them into a sweet little heart garland. I played around with the process of attaching them, then finally settled on a chain strand and two attachment points – they just looked a bit odd with a single one. I must say Rachel does warn you at the start of the pattern that they can be addictive. I confess they are… consider yourself doubly warned. And friends and family of mine… just pretend to be surprised if you get one under the tree ok?

I was feeling a little Christmasy (hard to escape at the moment really) and wanted to make a little door trim. Now I know my little Star Door Trim picture is not hanging on a door – but that’s because I just couldn’t get the right light/angle etc to make it look pretty. I really need to learn more about how to operate my fab little camera!
Back to the stars…The lovely Pip from Meet Me at Mikes had recently posted a cute pattern on crocheting stars. It looked quick and easy – and that’s an instant winner for me. I also found another pattern by Molly at A Foothill Home Companion and after making one star from each pattern, I decided I liked a bit from each one. I’m picky like that. I used Molly’s pattern for the body and a bit of the points, and Pip’s pattern for the other bit of the points. Pip’s had an extra chain right at the pointy end of the point, and I found this gave my stars a pointier point… if you get my point?

cheats star stiffening
These are super easy little twinkles to whip up in no time, the longest bit was the flattening process. But I cheated a bit here, because I’m a bit lazy like that. I didn’t have any PVA glue to stiffen them up so I just did it with water. As you can see from the first picture, they do curl beyond star recognition when you finish crocheting them. A little spray of water and a pin on each point sorts them out nice and flat. But alas my cheating has come back to bite me as I see that some of the points are starting to curl slightly. So if you are going to have a go at these may I suggest not cheating and doing the stiffening bit properly? Unless of course you like your stars a little on the curly side which is all fine and well too. To each their own I say. As for me, I’m off to get some PVA glue!

Big thanks to the wonderful crafty blogging world for so generously sharing patterns like Rachel, Molly and especially Pip. Meet me at Mikes is a constant source of inspiration and it feels just like I’m chatting with a friend each time I read her friendly posts.

vintage fan crochet pattern

Vintage Fan Scarf
100% superfine merino wool, crochet.

I just love this vintage crochet fan pattern. I first tried it on a little pram snuggle blanket, after discovering the pattern on a sweet blog I frequent, called Meet me at Mikes. Pip (from Meet me at Mikes) is quite the crafty legend around this part of the world, and her blog is a lovely inspiring place to visit.

Anyway after making Gelato Fans I decided I wanted to try the pattern for a scarf. I made the scarf in two halves that I joined in the middle, so the pattern is the same at each end of the scarf. I think the pattern ended up working quite well for a scarf and love the way the mustard/pumpkin colour contrasts with the rich denim blue – a good jeans scarf I’m thinking. The yarn is luxuriously soft and was a delight to work with – I never knew wool could be so soft and fluffy.

I’ve made this scarf for the “made it” challenge on ‘Woolhogs’ blog. I love the idea of supporting another newish blog, especially when the lovely Maryanne is making such admirable efforts in getting together crafty folk from blogs all over the world. Well done Woolhogs – it’s a fab idea!

Wishing you a happy crafty week ahead.

Blue Belt

Blue Belt
90% cotton, 10% silk, crochet.

I made my first belt!

I found this neat little V stitch pattern here and thought it would make a great belt. Big thanks to Jill for the pattern!

I pinched some silver rings from my hubby’s crafting stash (he uses them for belts then spanish laces them with leather). We did try to spanish lace the yarn but it didn’t really work. So I just crocheted around them. Similar effect and the rings hold the belt in place really well.

And my lovely daughter wore the belt beautifully, and patiently held a teeny posy of flowers from the garden while I tried to get better lighting angles in the garden. Sweet hey?

Hope you are all having a lovely happy Sunday.