freedom crafting

Citrus Blossom Bag
100% cotton, crochet.

Remember back here and that ugly unpicking session?

Well, after that session I ended up with a few spare citrus blossom squares…. so I decided to turn them into a handle for a bag… silver linings!

I made the bag pattern up as I went. But I have made similar bags before back here, here and here. These bags were adapted from a pattern on Purl Soho here. But this time I wanted to wing it on my own. A bit of freedom crafting.

Forget Me Not Bag
100% cotton, crochet.

This bag was made with somebody very special in mind and was gifted to that someone special on mother’s day. Hi mum x

I absolutely love forget me not flowers, and mum likes them too, and her mum (my grandma) loved them too… so the whole theme kinda worked well for a mother’s day bag I thought. I think once you’ve made a couple of bags with the pattern, it’s rather easy to whip up a bag freestyle. And when I say whip it up, don’t be mislead, as easy as these guys are to make, they take ages… So. many. chain. stitches.

Pretty Belle Bag.
100% Cotton Pink, 100% Wool Blue, Cotton / Bamboo Blend other colours.

I started to experiment a bit more with the colours, yarn, shape and base of this bag. I really love the bell shape that evolved and the extra little ridges near the base.

And I thought a long handle with puffy stitches would make it lovely and soft on the shoulder and look a bit cute too! The bags that I made a few years back get thrashed. I use them all the time and am always amazed by just how much you can stuff in them. Once you’ve made one you’ll surely want try some freedom crafting with them and play around with the shapes and sizes. And I think they are a rather granny chic style of bringing home your groceries.

I’m still crocheting my Kiwi Coast Blanket too. I’m loving the mix of colours and the freedom in picking stitches and row colours. But alas there is some serious edging issues going on. The sides kinda move in and out. I’m telling myself it’s just like the waves on the beaches and it’s ok. But I sense a big chunky edging cover up in the future. This blanket is for me so I don’t feel like it has to be perfect. It’s quite liberating actually as I’m ridiculously pedantic for things that I make for other people or the shop. It’s become my freedom crafting blanket in a different way I guess. Which is a perfect match to the meditation sessions I do whilst crocheting it. Kate’s #motifmayday has been a great reminder to me about being really present and quiet and calm whilst I crochet.

Do you loosen up on the perfection when it’s just something for yourself? Wishing you happy freedom crafting and pretty bags to carry your groceries in.


Carry (your own) bag with flower power

Carry (your own) bag with flower power
100% cotton, crochet
So this is my own version of the previously posted carry (your own) bag. I tweaked the pattern a little to make it a bit shorter and fatter and also added a flower which I think lends a little cuteness to the bag. I basically made it shorter overall, extended the width near the base and reduced it around the top so the closure was a little more snug.

A great little bag to carry groceries or yarn!

The flower came up a treat in the variegated cotton yarn I used. I also used a much finer yarn and way smaller hook than the previous bag. Sure it took a little longer, but I think it looks better and it also squishes down in a smaller bundle when not in use.

Model apples

I know it’s not crochet but I’m so proud of the generous crop from our golden delicious apple tree here at Dove Cottage. Purely organic, grown with love rain sun and worm wee, they are a sweet juicy delight to crunch your way through.

and now for the crochet bit…
cotton carry (your own) bag
Note the lovely golden delicious apples modelling in the bag. Job well done from the apples I’d say – they look great and taste great!
This was a super easy project to make, big thanks to the Purl bee for the great pattern. It squishes down to a reasonably small size to stuff into your handbag – I imagine I’ll be keeping mine handy in the car for those quick stops at the supermarket I seem to be doing way too often of late. Think I might make a few as gifts and adorn with some pretty flowers to give them a little personality…stay tuned!
100% cotton, crochet