sunset photo bomb

I know, two posts in two days… what’s going on you ask? Not much just really, just that I managed to do what I’ve been wanting to do for ages and that is: to get to a nice lookout spot at sunset time with my trusty new(ish) camera. It wasn’t the first lookout option, but the time and the sunset were vanishing quickly so we just pulled over on the side of the road and I froze my little fingers off snapping til the camera battery died.

I’m really just bluffing my way through using this camera and all the settings. And by bluffing I mean I just tweak a few settings here and there until I like what I see – to be perfectly honest I have little idea of what I’m doing! But that shouldn’t stop you and I figure it’s a fun way to learn. Here’s a couple for you to enjoy…

This gives you an idea of the ‘side of road’ look out we stopped at. Melbourne city skyline is so far away…

Now you can see it, the skyline that is. Love a good Zoom!

I have a such a thing for clouds and their amazing shapes, colours, textures and beauty at the moment.

And I’m a little partial to a nice silhouette too…

The clouds went such a beautiful shade of pink…

Oh and did I mention my other new obsession? Instagram! Any of you on it? Tis a bit addictive no? You can check out my pics here.

Hope you get to enjoy some beautiful sunrises & sunsets this weekend.


Inspiring Textures

A warning… this is going to be another non-crochet post!
But I do have a lovely silky scarf that’s almost finished – it’s just awaiting the final touches of hand stitching on some very cute buttons. Yes, buttons! I know it sounds a little odd for a scarf but don’t judge before you see it – I think it’s quite the cutie.

In the meantime I’ve been enjoying my lovely long walks through the gardens, and been in awe of the ever changing Mother Nature.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was blown away by the incredible colours of Autumn. Now it’s officially winter most of colours have gone, but that has revealed the beauty of texture. With so many trees bare of leaves their towering trunks shine with their own beauty. The beauty of texture. Underrated sometimes. Overlooked often. But not today… and so began the theme of my photo shoot…yep, you guessed it…texture. Plus a couple of very sweet flowers, and some even sweeter birdies! Not sure of the name of the yellow breasted one, but he was a mighty flighty little number! Unlike the Kookaburra, who sat wisely on his perch, not fussed in the slightest by the strange creature below snapping a million shots of him whilst making strange little kissing noises. Cute…very cute.

Not only do these pink flowers look delicious, they smell delicious too! Sweet perfume envelopes you as walk by…slowly…breathing deeply… in appreciation!

Love love love Camelias!

As I said, love love love Camelias!

Sitting pretty with natures pink carpet.

Texture and still reflections

How can you walk by this gorgeous carpet of ginkgo biloba leaves?

A couple of dew drops still remaining even though it was afternoon… protected in the shade of this stunning tree, that despite the carpet of yellow underneath – still has many leaves to shed…

Rhododendrons about to pop!

Colourful trunk

Even the clouds looked particularly fluffy today.

Oh how I love a bit of mossy green rock work!

Do my spots look big in this?

Moody rays

Tell me he doesn’t look like a little sweety!

This little Kooky thinks he’s well camouflaged hidden amongst the grey branches…

But I spotted him.

Pudgy little ball of cute fluff!

Ah Mother Nature, so beautiful, peaceful and inspiring.

Hope you feel inspired to enjoy a little of Mother Natures beauty…

Camera Strap and Mumma Owl models!

Forget-me-not Blue Camera Strap
90% cotton, 10% silk, Crochet.
This little invention came from necessity – sort of! The strap that comes with the camera is rough, hard, ugly and lacks a personality. I wanted something soft on my neck…and I’m sure you’d know by now my favourite colour is Blue! Especially this shade of forget-me-not flowers blue, I love it…and the flowers!
I had spotted a few different varieties on pinterest but thought (as I usually do because I’m not fond of following patterns & instructions) that I’d make my own version. It’s basically two long strips crocheted together on the sides and trimmed with a little more fan stitch – stitch of the week obviously! It slides right over the existing strap. If it needs a wash I can just slide it off and wash it, and if I fall for another shade of blue I can make another one! It can be as permanent or temporary as I like – gotta love that.

Baby Baby Beanie
90% cotton, 10% silk, crochet.
So I found out it’s hard to make a hat look good when it’s flat… tis a cute little beanie but the photo just wasn’t doing it justice. So….

So…I put Mumma Owl to work! Her second job (after keeping my peppermint tea hot) is now modelling baby beanies…it suits her don’t you think? Oh and I found the pattern for this hat here.

silk fans in the window seat

My silk fans WIP in the window seat. I’m lucky enough to have a gorgeous window seat to crochet in and this is my current project and favourite place to sit when the rain is drizzling. It’s a 10% silk, 90% cotton blend and I’m doing a brand new stitch that looks like lots of fans – super easy and very effective – gotta love that!

The beautiful view of the window seat looking upwards… so pretty. Have I ever mentioned my love for all things blue? I’m sure you could guess this just looking back on previous projects – blue dominates!

This is my other WIP… another sweet blossom cushion for my sweet sis. It’s the same cotton/silk blend as the silk fans WIP and is just waiting for me to sew up a cushion insert because I can’t find a round cushion insert anywhere… do you know where I can get any?

I know this isn’t craft or craft space but I just love my new camera. This photo was taken through the window, hence the soft foggy-ish look, but what I am so impressed with is the sharp focus on the rain drops… on the petals of the rose…through the window….through the rain… amazing don’t you think? I have much to learn to really get the most of my camera but when it take shots like this from a novice like me, I reckon that’s pretty impressive.

feelin’ minty

Spearmint WIP – I thought I would start showing some work in progress – it’s not all finished glory! Currently enjoying my holidays knitting up a little baby blanket in 100% organic cotton – colour spearmint. Most appropriately knitted up whilst enjoying my mint tea in my minty coloured tea cup. This yarn is possibly the softest cotton I’ve ever used. It’s smooth, chunky and feels so soft and luxurious.

Possibly the other reason for my 2nd post in one day – I can stop playing with my new toy. Picked it up yesterday and just want to snap everything. Lucky little white dove hey?