crazy christmas crochet lady

I went a little crochet crazy this chrissy… just for something different! I made all those cushions in the pic… and the inserts…

and all of these coaster sets… and a couple of knitted beanies… with 4ply!

Of course I only really decided make a few things late November/early December… then the list grew… then I decided to hand stamp all my wrapping paper too… I’m a bit crazy like that… but boy oh boy was it worth it… to see everyone’s sweet happy faces unwrapping their pretty pressies… smiling and surprised with their homemade-especially-for-them-coloured-coorinated-with-their-home-decor-pressies… ahhh – they are precious moments indeedy…

The pop of brights blooming flower cushion and coastal coasters went down a treat.

I forgot to photograph the heart cushion by itself, but these coasters used the same green as the cushion and went together. The baby blue and white cushion was gifted without matching coasters as they weren’t required for my mother in law who resides in an aged care facility. Cushions however are very much required. And a soft alpaca cloud pattern cushion seemed most appropriate.

Cool grey with a clean pop of cream for the mod home.

Soft deep smokey blue, duck egg blue, mint, cream, cotton, silk and bamboo. I do so love these colours and textures.

I love the earthy olive green cotton coasters with the soft lime / chartreuse silk combo. The almost dirty but still fresh and bright without being too bright lime of the cushion with the cream. Oh what fun it was to pick the main colours, contrast colours, and accent colours for each recipient – I swear half the fun is putting colours together!

The Blooming Flower cushion is the most wonderful cushion. I’ve made a few of them now and I love to play with the colours in the pattern. Pretty sure I haven’t made two the same yet. Some I alternate evenly, others graduate in their alternation, some all one colour, some with variegated yarn. I love the endless options. I’ve just had trouble trying to find round inserts for the cushions so I made all the inserts. This worked out rather well to be honest because I like a well stuffed cushion, and I find most of inserts you can buy are a little lame in the stuffing department. The Free Blooming Flower Pattern is from the lovely Lucy at Attic24.

And one of my favourite coaster sets, the citrus splice set. Yet to be handed over… if I can part with it… but what can I do with 3 sets of crochet coasters? Yes, I already have two sets. I posted the link to the sweet coaster pattern back here if you’d like to whip up a set… or two… or three… they are a bit addictive!

So it may have been a little quiet around here lately but I’ve still been crafting like crazy.

Now I’m in the recovery period which means the PJ’s are getting a workout, there’s nananaps being had, left over turkey being scoffed, chocolates vanishing, odd jobs being thought about (can’t rush things), new to do lists being written, more knitting and crochet being done (crazy crafter!), garden pottering taking place, new music being enjoyed, and memories of a wonderful Christmas day, full of special and precious family moments, being cherished. Family love in motion is a beautiful thing to watch, be a part of, and enjoy.

I have truly felt so very blessed this Christmas, yet also shed a quiet tear. For some, Christmas is a painful reminder of special people missing in their lives. I hope you feel blessed with your lot in life or had a moment to enjoy a sweet memory if you have a loved one missing from the Chrissy table. I hope you had a lovely christmas day and got to share it with those near and dear to your heart.

And if you don’t do the Christmas thang, then I hope you had a lovely day filled with sweet moments all the same.

ps. this was my Christmas inspired flower bunch for the table, from my garden. Who knew being lazy and letting all your parsley go to seed would reward you with a sweet little pop of green in the flower bunch?


taking stock… take two

I have been crafting like a mad women, but I’m making Chrissy Pressies so I can’t really share my creative endeavours yet as some potential recipients read this blog… sometimes. Instead I’m inspired by the lovely Pip from Meet me at Mikes and her Taking Stock posts. This is take two for me as I did take one back here.

Making: Chrissy Pressies and yet another batch of ginger syrup.

Cooking: A flourless pumpkin cake. I sort of adapted a recipe (reads kinda made up a recipe). And it worked! And it was yum! And totally healthy because it had pumpkin it! I mean let’s face it, it’s practically a vitamin pill… sugar and butter don’t count when there’s pumpkin involved.

Drinking: Peppermint tea, ginger spritz (made with my ginger syrup) and the occasional mojito.

Reading: My favourite blogs… check out my side bar for links.

Wanting: Some of Santa’s Elves to tidy the house so I can just make stuff and not have vacuum, do washing, weeding, dishes etc…

Looking: Forward to Chrissy Day!

Playing: The new Mazzy Star CD… over and over… and over.

Deciding: Well I sort of decided not to make Chrissy cards… after much procrastination I just don’t have enough time to make them now. I suspect the procrastination was possibly a subconscious lamearse decision that saved me actually making a decision. Lame and slack.

Wishing: I started making the Chrissy Pressies earlier!
Enjoying: The new Mazzy Star CD – no I haven’t made myself sick of it yet… despite the repeat button.

Waiting: For a break in the busy so we can weed the front garden. Ha! So funny!

Liking: Listening to music and crocheting whilst hubby plaits… it’s calming and productive all at the same time. Win!

Wondering: If I’ll actually get all the Chrissy Pressies made in time.

Loving: Birds! They’re so resourceful. Even the leather scraps (that hubby leaves all over the driveway and backyard!) don’t go to waste. The birdies love them for their nests. How safe snug and cosy do these guys look?
Pondering: The next few projects I want to make… after I’ve finished the Chrissy Pressies. Must stay strong and not start them before Chrissy Pressies are done. It’s a battle!

Considering: Buying some Chrissy Pressies instead of making them. Refer back to ‘Pondering’.

Watching: Not much TV that’s for sure! There’s so much crap on lately, we usually opt for the CD player instead.

Hoping: I’ll cope ok-ish when I drop my son off at the airport with his ONE WAY ticket for his backpacking adventure next month… so proud!

Marvelling: At how much painting and reno stuff my daughter and her fella are getting done to their new home,  despite both working full time… so proud!

Needing: A couple of extra weeks to make Chrissy Pressies! (sensing a theme here?)

Smelling: Dovette – the perfume I created in Paris!!! OMG did I just type that? Yep. And I actually did it too. Twas a dream come true! It’s so delicious with top notes of Bamboo, Green Tea, Bergamot, Plum and Violet Flowers. Middle notes of Peony, Rose, Violet leaves and Lily of the Valley. Base notes of Vanilla, Sandalwood, Amber, Cedar, and Sweet Candied Nut. There’s a few other bits and pieces in there too but am sure you get the idea. Fresh and sweet but not sickly sweet, kinda like an earthy, woody, fresh floral scent. Still totally smitten with this sweet miniature 5ml perfume bottle I picked up in Montmartre too. The perfect little Dovette traveller.

Wearing: My new fluffy alpaca slippies, yesterday’s make up, PJ bottoms and a cardy ….  I’m all class hey?

Following: The progress of the baby birdies in the leather scraps nest. So cute!

Noticing: How nice it is to catch up with my sweet mum once a week for a little meditation session. How ace is that?!

Knowing: That I need to keep thinking about, visualizing and giving my energy to the farm dream. I can actually start to feel it becoming a real possibility sometime in the future… as opposed to a pie in the sky dream. Yay!

Thinking: I need to start knitting some stuff to give my sore crochet hand/elbow/shoulder a rest.

Getting: Into a pretty good routine walking a little each morning… and feeling a wee bit chuffed about it as I’m not a big one for exercise generally.

Admiring: The jacaranda tree each morning (from my treadmill!) and seeing all the little buds blossom into a purple haze of beauty.

Buying: Chrissy cards! Finally. What date is it???

Bookmarking: All my favourite blogs again after a computer crash. {insert grumpy face}

Opening: Another packet of these delish snacks that are safe for me and all my allergies… and probably a little bit too morish! Finding a yummy, pre-packed snack that’s healthy and doesn’t contain any of the things I’m allergic is a mighty hard thing to do, so it’s pretty exciting to say the least.

Giggling: At the ‘waiting’ comment above. Hmph! As if!

Feeling: Pretty darn in lucky in life!

So how about you? Are you feeling lucky? No I’m not trying to be a lame Clint Eastwood… Just wondering where you are at. Sincerely. Hope it’s a great place. I really do.

Do you do the taking stock thing too? Let me know as I love to pop by and read yours. After all, procrastinating is my favourite thing to do when there is too much to do.

i heart spring

I really do! So much so that I made a little homage to spring with the pretty little flowers that are blooming in my garden right now. Do you like it? Do you heart spring too? Anyone who knows me would know that Autumn is my favourite season, but spring is nipping at its tail. It’s a very close 2nd… mostly due to the flowers. Oh the pretty flowers.

I’m so inspired by spring I’ve even crocheted a little butterfly! Isn’t a cutie? I found a free pattern and great tutorial via pinterest. Big thanks to Marie for the great step by step guide that makes whipping up a butterfly such a pleasure.

I did see some other butterfly designs but I love the three dimensional aspect of this one. I think they would make ace little hair pin additions, and even sweet little brooches. But I have other plans for my little flutterby, as my sweet niece Gracie girl used to call them when she was little. This was my first one so just practice go in thicker yarn. But I’ve got another one on the go in much finer yarn and have special plans for it. I’ll let you what they are if it works!

And Spring Meadow… Boy oh boy this little blankie really did try my patience. I had to unravel it… twice! Remember I mentioned something about heart shape clouds last post? Silly idea! Who thought of that? This is what caused the second unpicking session. Needless to say there will be no heart shape clouds…. no…. none. Having said that I’m pretty glad I did unravel it as I don’t think the heart clouds worked anyway. It was a bit much. It’s looking really sweet now and unashamedly girly! Delicate pastel colours inspired by spring, in a gorgeous chunky soft cotton. Just a few finishing touches to go like sewing in the ends, and a wash and block session and it’s done.

Are you enjoying springs flower bounty too? Or are you enjoying my all time favourite season of crisp mornings, sunny afternoon and gorgeous autumnal colours like red, yellow and orange? Either way, it’s a beautiful time of the year.

Wishing you armfuls of sweet spring flowers (or gorgeous autumn foliage) and delightful sunny days.

silk fans in the window seat

My silk fans WIP in the window seat. I’m lucky enough to have a gorgeous window seat to crochet in and this is my current project and favourite place to sit when the rain is drizzling. It’s a 10% silk, 90% cotton blend and I’m doing a brand new stitch that looks like lots of fans – super easy and very effective – gotta love that!

The beautiful view of the window seat looking upwards… so pretty. Have I ever mentioned my love for all things blue? I’m sure you could guess this just looking back on previous projects – blue dominates!

This is my other WIP… another sweet blossom cushion for my sweet sis. It’s the same cotton/silk blend as the silk fans WIP and is just waiting for me to sew up a cushion insert because I can’t find a round cushion insert anywhere… do you know where I can get any?

I know this isn’t craft or craft space but I just love my new camera. This photo was taken through the window, hence the soft foggy-ish look, but what I am so impressed with is the sharp focus on the rain drops… on the petals of the rose…through the window….through the rain… amazing don’t you think? I have much to learn to really get the most of my camera but when it take shots like this from a novice like me, I reckon that’s pretty impressive.

cotton love

lime splice blankie
lime; 100% organic cotton, cream; 100% cotton, knit and crochet

detail of lime splice blankie

granny hugs blankie
100% cotton, crochet

rose blossom cushion
note birdy cameo to the right of the cushion!
100% cotton, crochet

babybells rattle
100% cotton – crochet, brass ring, bells