cool rainbow blanket

Cool Rainbow Blanket
100% Pure Lambswool, Crochet

This is a super chunky large granny stitch blanket that I whipped up in no time. The yarn is that kind that goes thicker and thinner and the colours blended ever so gently into the next shade, creating a natural stripe in the blankie. I think the colours are like a rainbow but without the warm rainbow colours such as red, yellow, orange – just the cool colours of greens, blues, purples, pinks… my favourite section of the rainbow really. There is a chunky little bobble edge to finish the blanket and you can see how chunky the blanket is by the regular size tea cup & saucer beside it – quite chunky indeed.

It’s a very large blanket taking up the whole of my large dining table.

How I do love the classic granny stitch, especially for a blanket as it creates an airy kind of warmth… If that makes sense? I like the natural gentle organic stripe pattern this variegated yarn created too.

I’m off to work my 2nd sock a little more now, and maybe do a little more on the chunky baby alpaca blanket I’m knitting at the moment too… tis hard to break away from that one as it’s soooooo soft and delicious to knit with. I’ve also still got my other knitted blanket I’m working on in between. Oh and all the other yarn in my craft room is just begging to be transformed… so much yarn, so many ideas, so little time!

I hope you get to enjoy a few rainbows in your day.