spring meadow butterflies

Spring Meadow Blanket & Butterfly Garland
100% Cotton except the pink is 100% Wool. Crochet.

Spring Meadow is finally finished! It’s a gorgeous soft, slightly chunky, floppy blanket that’s just perfect for a spring babe.

It’s mostly a lovely cream colour with a row of Daffodils, Roses & Tulips at the base. It will be going into my Etsy shop soon.

The Spring Meadow garland wasn’t my original idea for the butterflies… I had this idea of attaching a few butterflies to the blanket but I didn’t like the look of them on the blanket… the proportions were all wrong and it just looked a bit too tizzy. So onto a garland they went. I now think this would make the perfect addition to the blanket in a sweet babes room or pram.

Forget me not Butterfly Garland.
100% Cotton, crochet.

Crocheting the Butterflies was a little like when I was crocheting the hearts… I kinda couldn’t stop… So I made another garland… as you do!

It’s such a simple little pattern that’s actually quite easy to remember once you’ve done it couple of times. I’m going to try to move on from the butterflies now as I’m excitedly ready for a whole project. Yay! I love this part and can’t wait till inspiration hits and that moment when you say “That’s it… That’s what I’m making next!” … In meantime you’ll probably find me at my yarn stash squishing lovely skeins of yarn or pondering over the many projects I’ve got lined up on my wish list at Pinterest and Ravelry.

I’ll leave you with my Spring Tea Party themed picture that I created for an Instagram competition to win a gorgeous Mrs Smiley’s necklace. Have you seen these necklaces? They are so pretty and very unique. I’m lucky enough to have one of their bunny locket necklaces but you really couldn’t have too many of them – they’re gorgeous.

Hope you get to enjoy a nice a nice cuppa in some lovely sunshine today… Near a blossom tree or a pretty golden tree with leaves gently falling… with a tasty macaron or two… birds chirping… bees buzzing… butterflies fluttering by… Mmmm that sounds so nice, I might take my cuppa out to the backyard and do just that… No macarons though… I already ate them. And yes… they were delish!

i heart spring

I really do! So much so that I made a little homage to spring with the pretty little flowers that are blooming in my garden right now. Do you like it? Do you heart spring too? Anyone who knows me would know that Autumn is my favourite season, but spring is nipping at its tail. It’s a very close 2nd… mostly due to the flowers. Oh the pretty flowers.

I’m so inspired by spring I’ve even crocheted a little butterfly! Isn’t a cutie? I found a free pattern and great tutorial via pinterest. Big thanks to Marie for the great step by step guide that makes whipping up a butterfly such a pleasure.

I did see some other butterfly designs but I love the three dimensional aspect of this one. I think they would make ace little hair pin additions, and even sweet little brooches. But I have other plans for my little flutterby, as my sweet niece Gracie girl used to call them when she was little. This was my first one so just practice go in thicker yarn. But I’ve got another one on the go in much finer yarn and have special plans for it. I’ll let you what they are if it works!

And Spring Meadow… Boy oh boy this little blankie really did try my patience. I had to unravel it… twice! Remember I mentioned something about heart shape clouds last post? Silly idea! Who thought of that? This is what caused the second unpicking session. Needless to say there will be no heart shape clouds…. no…. none. Having said that I’m pretty glad I did unravel it as I don’t think the heart clouds worked anyway. It was a bit much. It’s looking really sweet now and unashamedly girly! Delicate pastel colours inspired by spring, in a gorgeous chunky soft cotton. Just a few finishing touches to go like sewing in the ends, and a wash and block session and it’s done.

Are you enjoying springs flower bounty too? Or are you enjoying my all time favourite season of crisp mornings, sunny afternoon and gorgeous autumnal colours like red, yellow and orange? Either way, it’s a beautiful time of the year.

Wishing you armfuls of sweet spring flowers (or gorgeous autumn foliage) and delightful sunny days.

spring inspiration

Spring starts tomorrow… Yay! Although I do feel like it has been making its presence known all week. The daffodils are everywhere, tulips are popping up their pretty heads, and the sweet smell of blossom is in the air.

My nectarine tree blossom is stunningly pretty, don’t you think? I popped a couple of branches in a flower posy with some gorgeous old fashioned May Bush and a few branches of my Japanese Maple, whose teeny baby leaves are the cutest. This nectarine tree is a bit special to me, my grandma planted this tree from seed many years ago. She’s no longer with us, but I do think of her whenever I see my nectarine tree… I love how plants can have such a special meaning.

My current crochet project is heavily inspired by spring. Spring Meadow is coming along nicely, although it did have a big unpick session at the start as it wasn’t quite working. I first saw the flowers in a row pattern on pinterest, which led me to the original pattern here. Of course I wanted to tweak the pattern slightly (I know – what a surprise hey?) as I had ideas of a flower meadow with different flowers. This tweak of course led to the unpick.

The first row is daffodils, the second roses and the third tulips… in my imagination anyway! These flowers scream spring to me. The idea is a blanket with the flowers at the bottom, then all cream in colour until the top, where I’m going to have a go at making a blue cloud-ish shape made of hearts. I’ll let you know if it works. There could be another unpick session on the horizon! That’s ok, it’s spring tomorrow! Did I mention that? Bring on the sunshiney days and flowers everywhere.

Wishing you sunshiney days sprinkled with sweet smelling flower blossoms… and not too many unpicks!

weaving rainbows and christening fans

Weaving Rainbows Blanket
100% Pure Australian Wool, Crochet.

This delightfully cheery little blanket is finally finished and available in my Etsy Shop. And when I was crocheting this blanket, I could say that I was weaving rainbows. Teehee! A bit cheeky, like when I could say I was crocheting intuition.

I love the way this chunky variegated yarn created its own natural stripe effect in this blanket. Solid bands of colour that graduate to the next shade ever so organically. This is the first time I’ve used weave stitch and it won’t be the last. It’s the same both sides, is easy to remember and relatively fast. A few ticks there!

It’s got a lovely almost stretchy drape and is the perfect size for a pram or car seat or bassinet. A really cute little pop of colours in the sweetest rainbow shades including indigo blue, aqua, teal, and royal blue. It’s bright but not so bright that you need your sunnies to look at it!

Christening Fans Blanket.
100% Cotton, Crochet.

Also available in my Etsy Shop!

This is my first go at making a blanket specifically for a Christening or Baby Naming Day. I think I have much to learn about photographing pure white too! Geez it was tricky to get the right lighting – obviously I didn’t quite succeed either. But that’s OK – it was my first go at it so I forgive me. I’m still learning. Not that stitch though! A big fave of mine, the Vintage Fan Ripple Crochet Pattern pops up yet again.

The tweak on this pattern is the size of the fans. Or more specifically the height of the fans. I did a row with smaller fans, then a row with medium fans, then a row with large fans. Then I went back down to medium, to small, to medium, to large and so on.

I think it creates a really lovely subtle detail in the blanket, it has a gentle flow and is also very unique.

These are the blankets that went off to the real life bricks and mortar shop this week. It’s not open yet, but as soon it does I’ll let you know where it is in case you are near there and would like to see them (and lots of other super sweet goodies) for yourself. These are all unique custom-made blankets in pure cotton. Soft and squishy happiness in a blanket I reckon!

Wishing you lots of soft and squishy happiness this weekend.

my gift to me

Today I gave myself the gift of happiness and joy. I did it in the form of these flowers. I picked them from my garden, arranged them, photographed them, then placed them right smack in the middle of the kitchen bench. They smell DIVINE!
All from my garden this bunch includes snow drops, daffodils, jonquils, roses, hellebores, camellias and lavender.

A Buddhist monk once told me that when you give flowers to people you are giving joy and happiness to them. I think about this every time I give someone flowers. Especially when they are from my garden because I think they have lots of love in them too. So I think I am giving love as well as joy and happiness. Feels pretty nice. For me and the person I am giving them to. I love flowers. I love to pick them, smell them, give them and receive them.

I also picked a teeny weeny little posy of flowers. Well just Daphne and Violets actually. They smell divine too! I love Daphne but do prefer this lemon scented Daphne. Its fresh scent and creamy colour is just delicious. This teeny posy is for the loo. I like to have a little posy of flowers in the loo. And the bathroom too sometimes! It’s from my mum. She always has a gorgeous little posy of flowers in the bathroom. It’s lovely. It makes me smile. And that’s gotta be a good thing right? We all need more smiles in our day. And happiness. And joy. And love. Thanks mum x

This sweet Camellia isn’t from my garden. It’s from my winter walks garden. So delicate and pretty just after the rain.

But then everything looks a bit prettier with raindrops just after the rain … don’t you think?

This little guy loved the rain, making it easier to rummage around for his tucker. And he looks pretty cute too!

Winter is really quite beautiful in the garden. The little openings of sunshine in the sky are all the more special when it’s mostly grey and dreary. There’s some lovely flowers blooming, the tree trunks get to come out from hiding behind the leaves and look incredible with their textures and colours and bark, and the grass is super lush and green. I do think there is a lot to love about winter… I know some people don’t like it all… but lots of pots of peppermint tea, crochet and some sweet blooms in the garden, and I’m happy.

I am getting closer to posting a couple of finished blankets too! It’s taken a while, and I’ve procrastinated, been diverted, ignored them, and now finally, washed and blocked them.

This pure white vintage fan ripple blanket is going to be a Christening Blanket. I’ve done a few blankets in this pattern now but they are all a little different. There’s some little tweak of the pattern that I just can’t stop myself from making each time.

This is what’s on my hook right now. It’s nearly finished too. I adore these colours, I based them on these photo’s of my crochet wrist warmers. It’s nearly all pure baby alpaca and is so so soft to touch and light as a feather. I’ve loved not having to count stitches whilst doing this blanket too, just picking it up at the end of the day in front of the telly and finding my rhythm.

Well I’m off to walk by my bunch of flowers in the kitchen, take a deep breath in of their delicious sweet scent and joy and happiness, then make my way to my comfy chair for some crochet. I think I might give myself a gift like this more often. It’s pretty delightful. Sending all of you lovely readers bunches of ‘virtual’ flowers… joy and happiness.

warning – this may bore you!

Are you an Instagram-er? If so consider yourself warned… this post may just bore you to tears! I felt like sharing a random collection of some of my favourite recent Instagram pictures, so to those of you not on Instagram, feel free to read on – hopefully I won’t bore you!

A favourite outfit. My homemade ombre yellow fimo beads with orange and a pop of turquoise in the form of a homemade bracelet. I had a lovely crafternoon with my mum, my sis and my daughter jewellery making. It was my first go at it ever!

On the last day of Autumn I picked a wee posy of flowers from my garden.

Doing a little roadtrip crochet! Oh and if you’re wondering about all the text and pictures on my photos it’s a new app called ‘A beautiful mess’, from the fab blog ‘A beautiful mess’. Super cute app, super addictive and hard (for me) not to go OTT with it!

I’ve done a little gluten free baking lately. My sweet sis found this great recipe for a pastry-less frangipani tart. Very delicious, very dangerous to start making them… visit THIS RECIPE at your own risk!


Like I said, going a bit nuts with the new app!


Just a bit! Really love these last two blankets off the hook. So cute and soooooo excited to be sending them to a real life bricks and mortar shop!

IMG_8043This is one of the sweetest smelling roses in my garden. It’s such a delicate shade of buttery lemon that deepens a little in Autumn. It’s a David Austin called ‘The Pilgrim’ and my hubby calls it ‘John Wayne’ which I think is a bit cute!

IMG_8050 This photo was taken off a picture from a funeral program. The classic racer is a distant relative and this photo is really really really old. I thought such cool looking dude on his bike deserved sharing.


The knitted blanket I’ve been knitting forEVER! I discovered a #%$@ hole in it and it was a rather nasty one. So I had a go at salvaging it by threading a long circular needle along every stitch below the hole. The raw chocolate (delicious and good for you!) was my reward for doing it right or my commiseration for stuffing it up. The hope was that I would unravel it to this point then simply continue knitting…


As I had only seen this method in a picture somewhere, and I didn’t look up how to do it properly, I found out the hard way that it’s pretty important what part of the stitch you thread the needle in. As I unravelled the needle just lifted off the bulk of the knitting! With a massive chunk of blanket still knitted and loose loops where the needle is meant to go, I sat very carefully, and slowly, one by one, picked up every single stitch… all 163 of them! I’ll get back to knitting some more of this blanket at some stage!


More pretty flowers… have I mentioned just how much I love flowers? I relate to this quote on a favourite blog, Floret – ‘More than anything I must have flowers, always, always.’ Monet.


I seriously LOVE this tall forest! It’s near where I go walking and never ceases to blow me away!

IMG_8325I’ve also been playing with another new app – Pro HDR. My dear dad told me about this one. He’s a photography wizz! Actually he’s a techno wizz… and a walking talking calculator and encyclopedia. Let’s just say he’s pretty darn clever and he told me about this app only last week. My hubby has since named it the ‘Pain in the arse butt’ app because on our walk last week I just about stopped every few feet to take another photo with this new app.


I’ll try to explain what’s so special about this app… This photo is a good example…. Normally a picture like this would turn out one of two ways. With a washed out, bleached out sky, and the tree in true colour. Or with the tree silhouetted and the sky in true colour. This app produces a photo where ALL the colours are true and no bits get washed out or silhouetted. It’s pretty cool!


Ok so are you still there? I haven’t lost you yet? This last one is of my two current projects. A bright colourful woven stitch blanket, and a pure white vintage fan ripple stitch. The white is pure cotton and the blues pure wool.

Hopefully I’ll be back with some finished projects soon… Just gotta slow life down a bit as I’m having trouble keeping up. Life is busy and I’m doing lots, as you can see! But not churning out finished projects at the pace I used to. Tis all good though. life really is sweet…. and in the meantime, there’s always Instagram.

Hope your day is filled with happy pics and pretty views and crafty moments and yummy eats.

I’m off to devour another frangipani tart….ssshhhh… it’s only my 2nd…. this afternoon!