bear loves dove started as an outlet for my crafty ways, but as the years march on I find myself writing more about the path I’m on towards a semi self-sufficient, peaceful, creative, quiet, small life.

I can’t tell you exactly what you’ll find here because I’m not usually sure what I’m going to write about until I sit down to type. This place has become a bit like an undisciplined online journal; you can expect a post here whenever I feel like it, when I have something to say, want to record a moment forever, or have photos to share.

I do know you’ll find crafty stories, tree-change farmy stories, general life happenings stories and when I go away I promise to send you a postcard. I can guarantee there’ll be lots of photos as I need somewhere store the results of my photography OCD, and it will always be authentically me here, even if that means the odd typo, burnt pot of sauce and some ugly unpicking.

So feel free to come along for the ride, your inbox will never be overloaded, I’m too inconsistent for that, just the occasional story from an average girl trying to the live the dream.

I hope you enjoy your visit here and you’ll pop back again soon.


In Peace Love & Harmony
Little White Dove
Harvest Moon Hill



A bit more about me… in case you are interested / bored / killing time….

I am mum… to two of the most beautiful human beings on the planet. NOT exaggerating. (Could be a little biased though!) My daughter and son have grown into amazing young adults that dream big and then chase those dreams down. I’m so terribly proud of them both. My son is currently saving for his next backpacking adventure, last trip was South America, next trip – the world! …. and my daughter recently married her sweetheart in a romantic Icelandic elopement, they live happily with their cute cats and dogs (2 of each!).

I am wife… to my sweet hubby who I craft alongside with. He makes beautiful leather plaited goods such as belts, stock whips and watch bands. He shares his amazing crafted leather goodies at Stockman Leathercraft. We can often be found crafting beside each other and listening to our favourite music. Oh yeah, we’re really wild like that!

I am me… a bit OCD with numbers especially with stitches and rows. I am pretty crap at following a recipe or a pattern. I love gardening even though crochet usually wins the ‘what to do next’ battle. I’m quite partial to mojitos and frangelico with a wedge of lime. I have a bunch of food allergies but if I could eat anything I’d be next to Garfield in the corner eating all the lasagna. I love the mountains and the beach but if I had to choose it would be the mountains… the trees win me over every time. I have always loved Autumn the best… again it’s the trees. I simply could not cope without music and chocolate. I ride a motorbike and feel riding is a form of meditation… something about the constant rumble, the focus, and the peace in the helmet. I drink a lot of peppermint tea. Crafting keeps me sane-ish. I take a LOT of photos… I’m trying to learn how to take better ones. I try to incorporate some peace, love & harmony into my life as much as possible… but am by no means in the zen zone as much as I’d like to be. I’m a chronic day dreamer… and I’m ok with that. I am on the path of living a self-sufficient life on a little farm. I’m aiming for a smaller life… a simple life. bear loves dove is also a record of my journey towards that.

thanks for reading x


17 thoughts on “hello

  1. Wow, the photos very inspiring, and the crochet and knitting luvly.
    I luv to crochet and knit. Find myself taking it everywhere I go. While my husband drives, we talk and Im knitting. My children are always asking me what Im gonna knit or crochet next. 🙂

    • Thanks Irene, that’s lovely of you to say.

      Don’t you just love that about knitting & crochet? That it so easily tucks into a little bag to come with you, making the most of any spare moment! Unless of course you are making a blanket…then it’s not so little a bag 🙂

    • Thanks Stitchedupmuma… It’s looking really pretty at the moment as we near spring. The daffy’s are starting to pop and the jasmine over the porch is covered with tiny little pink buds… when it bursts into flower you get hit with the sweet heady scent as soon as start walking up the steps 🙂 Tis a joy to come home to!

  2. My name is Sandra and I’m Mandie’s Mum, Rob’s dragon lady, and Lachlan’s grandma. Mandie showed me some of your beautiful work today. I do occasionally knit, however my main interest is sewing; I have enough fabric to give the large fabric stores a run for their money:) One day our paths may cross.

    • Hi Sandra! Thanks for stopping by 🙂
      Tis so lovely to have a crafty outlet isn’t! I think I have enough yarn to give a yarn shop a run for it’s money too – it can be most addictive shopping, ahem, ‘re-stocking’ crafty supplies can’t it?
      Congratulations on becoming a Grandma with little Lachlan, I’m sure our paths will cross one day.

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  4. I love your latest afghan. I’m working on a traditional zig zag using linen color with one red stripe about 4 inches wide about 8 inches up from one end…..it’s really pretty and I’m enjoying the process. You must be much faster than I am, takes me a while it seems to finish a project.

    • Lovely to hear from you again Becky! Thanks for your kind words on my lastest blanket. I have wondered how you were going with your big blanket you mentioned last time? Your new ones sounds lovely and I adore the sound of a linen coloured yarn. I’m not that fast at crocheting, I usually do a bit each night though and then as much as I can squeeze in on a weekend! 🙂

      • oh, just saw this comment from 2013…..a linen colored yarn…..do you have Vanna White yarns available there? Do you have a Joanne’s Fabrics? or AC Moore or Michael’s or Hancock’s? All of them carry the line, even Walmart. I love the linen colored yarn, I have made several afghans using the linen colored yarn as my “backdrop”, I love how it makes other colors pop. I made one with one red stripe about 3 or 4 inches wide…my favorite, it’s a zig zag, and one with a dark green stripe, then a linen stitch with white and yellow stripes.

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it and do hope you enjoyed your visit. In Peace Love & Harmony Little White Dove x

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