life on the farm… august 2016

Oh my busy bees! Life’s so chock-o-block I really wonder how I would’ve got everything done had I still been working. Since finishing work I’ve spent way more time at the computer than I anticipated I would … there’s always the next stage of our dream that I need to research… lawnmowers, fruit trees, seeds, excavation, mulch, fences, tow bars, trailers etc etc etc … and there is something to learn about all of them. Go on ask me about ride on lawn mowers, I never thought I’d know so much about those things, that’s for sure! We still haven’t taken the leap and committed to purchasing one yet either, which is kinda driving me nuts, the lawns are so long we need to make a call soon before we’re living in a jungle.

The winter brought fog so thick one morning that our view completely disappeared. I watched the fog roll over the hill and down the valley, then back up the hill towards us until all I could see was our back gate about 10 metres from the back door. It was a complete white out and was incredibly eerie… and beautiful… and cold. Thank goodness for the tonnes of firewood we’ve had delivered. Even though it was delivered in the driveway as it was too boggy to drop direct into the shed this time. I am proud to say I moved over a tonne of firewood by myself one day! Talk about farmer material! (Let’s not talk about how I could hardly move the next day shall we?)

Lucy the lamb is quite the gutsy little girl. She’s not really integrated that well with the others, but it doesn’t seem to bother her. No fence holds her in, she’s under, over and through the barbed wire in a blink, and was caught jumping up onto the trailer to reach the tender leaves from the low branches of a tree. Whereas Buttons and Bouncer still stay close to their mums and don’t look like they’re game to try and get through fences let alone jump up on trailers. The cows are so very curious and looking positively radiant at the moment, I don’t know if it’s all the fresh green lush grass or the season or the organic farming, or a combination of all of the above, but the late afternoon sun highlighted just how shiny and glossy and healthy they are one particular day.

Of course with this lovely organically farmed land, and all our waste going back into the land, our choice in cleaners and detergents have never been more important. Have you heard of Soapnuts? My lovely friend introduced them to me the other day (thanks Jill!) and I’ve already done a couple of loads of washing with them. They are a natural nut/seed/berry thing that grows on a tree and you just pop a couple into a little laundry bag (or odd sock!), and no other detergents are needed. My washing came out clean and didn’t have any artificial soapy smell. The bonus is they appear to be very economical to use as well. You can find out more about them here if you’re interested.

I hope to be back again soon with a recipe, some craft and an orchard / veggie patch update.

Wishing you busy bee blessings and great washing days!


22 thoughts on “life on the farm… august 2016

  1. Your scenery is absolutely magnificent – and you’ve captured it so perfectly! I especially love the photo of the sheep near the dam with the reflection.
    All of that green….how my bones ache for it! Your animals look so happy and well looked after. May I ask what breed your cows are?

    I’m so glad that I found your blog!
    Sarah x

    • So sorry Sarah, seems your first comment landed in the spam folder and I only just found it! Thanks for your kind words re my pics! And yes the green is at it’s height at the moment, it’s dreamy good. The animals are exceptionally well looked after, they are actually our neighbours and they raised on orgranic and biodynamic land, I think it shows in their glow! And I believe the cows are Angus. I’m so glad you found it too 🙂 x

    • Ha, so funny I was commenting on your blog when my computer went bing with a comment from you Dani! The soapnuts are great, have only used them a couple of times but apparently you can use them 3-4 times and then just compost them! Thanks for popping in x

  2. These photos are so beautiful! I feel like I’m in an Antipodean Thomas Hardy novel! I have not heard of soap nuts. How interesting! I use Earth Care liquid. It doesn’t hav that detergent smell. I hate that smell! I want my clothes to smell of nothing!

    • Oh that must be really hard to know just how lovely country life and then be away from it! I’ve only dreamed about it for years so didn’t really know what I was getting myself in for, but so far so good, I LOVE it!! x

  3. As always, your photos are so inspiring! I have used soap nuts and they are great, although I had to revet to store bought once footy season started. Who knew a seven year old could get so dirty!

  4. I know I say this every time, but your photos are just superb! I would love to come and spend a day (or 20) on your farm, it looks divine. I will even help move firewood!
    Soapnuts look interesting and like they should be nibbled on not used to wash clothes!

    • Oh you are so lovely, thank you Clare! You’re welcome here anytime, especially if you’re gonna help move firewood!!! And if you smelled the soapnuts you wouldn’t wanna eat them, but they do look a bit like dates don’t they? x

  5. How I love your photos!! Just amazing. How’s those hills? It takes me back to my country roots. It looks homely to me. I grew up on a dairy farm!

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