icelandic elopement

Exactly one year ago today, in a land far away, steeped in beauty and rugged majesty, my gorgeous daughter married the love of her life, a handsome young man that we are blessed to have in our family. Wildflowers were gathered for the bouquet, and in a field of even more wildflowers, vows were exchanged. Letters were read, laughs were giggled, joy exploded and love ruled. Levi captured sweet moments and managed to convey the scale of the incredible Icelandic landscape, whilst the adorable newly weds walked through mossy fields and rocky canyons and right into their beautiful new future together.

Ain’t love grand…

May you dream big and find true happiness x

ps. You can see some more stunning photographs at Hello May and here on Levi’s website.


8 thoughts on “icelandic elopement

  1. ….sigh! How adorable are those two!
    And what a phenomenal location to declare their love and commitment to each other. That’s a setting for Big Love.
    Thanks so much for sharing, these pictures took my breath away!

    • Aw thanks, you are so lovely Rach! Tis a rather special thing marrying in a spectacular destination like that isn’t it?! And I seriously think they are the cutest couple ever but I’m possibly a little biased ☺️

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