my sabbatical

So don’t hate me or anything, but I’ve just begun a 6 (ish) month long sabbatical. Well, long service leave actually… but then truth be told I’m also officially unemployed after being made redundant due to a recent company merge. So long service leave, redundancy or sabbatical, call it what you will, but I choose sabbatical as it feels like a happy word and brings with it thoughts of retreat, holiday and time out… and that is kinda sorta what I plan to do with this time. Redundant on the other hand, not such a nice word, but in reality it was my choice. A new job or the opportunity to take my long-awaited hard-earned long service leave. It really wasn’t too difficult to decide, in fact I felt a bit like it was fate and the decision was already written in the stars… or sheep or cows or something. I did have plans to leave my job in another year or two anyway, and find something closer to home, rather than continue indefinitely with the 3 hour (at best) daily commute. I’m going to stretch out my long service leave and see if I can make it last double the time, hence the approximate 6 month time frame. Hello budgeting, meal planning and ultra conservative living!

To be totally honest I’m beside myself with a mixture of excitement, exhaustion, joy and overwhelm. It’s been a huge year of change for me, I’ve left my home of 19 years and moved far away (well around 100 odd k’s away) from my friends and family. Now after 14 years at the same job, I’m on a sabbatical and at home full time. It’s a lot to digest. But I’m so happy and have that awesome and rare feeling, that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be in life right now. I’m keen to tackle the ridiculously big list of things that needs starting in order to convert our paddocks into a productive farm. I want to invest some time in Charlie’s Stockman Leathercraft shop. I’m ready to spend some serious time crafting and possibly reopen my poorly neglected and too-long-on-vacation shop. I’m going to dust off my sewing machine and get stitching again. I’m busting to spend some reading time with our wonderful collection of books, full of teachings on practical self-sufficiency and practiculture. I plan to write a little more here, it’s something I enjoy enormously but find it hard to justify the time. In fact, I’m looking to make peace with time, it’s felt like my arch enemy for so long now, but I’m hoping these 6 months will unfold at a gentle pace and we can become friends again.

In other news, the two baby lambs are even more adorable than ever. They hang out together and play in the paddocks, running and bouncing and looking like they smile even for the camera. I’ve renamed Big Ears to Bouncer, didn’t want to give her a complex about her ears, and the new littlest lamb is Buttons, you know cute as a button and all. There’s also been another lamb born, sadly her mother didn’t make it so she has been hand reared by our neighbours (the real owners of all these sheep, although you’d think reading this that they’re mine!) with much love and care. To the extent she wore a nappy and slept inside during her early days. I know – just the image of that in my head makes me smile. They have named her Lucy and she is so very sweet and friendly, and actually let me get really close for a photo and pat.

The wrist warmers started out as this pattern, but I got really confused (it’s not hard!) around the thumb bit so I veered off pattern and made up the bit from the thumb up. They are not as nice as the original pattern, but still I’m pleased with the outcome. And in pure baby alpaca yarn they are so light and soft and warm and in time for the chills of winter. (my missing pairs still haven’t turned up)

So tell me, if you have a moment, what’s your best budget-friendly, gluten free, dairy free, recipes… ha, don’t ask for much do I?

May time be on your side x


8 thoughts on “my sabbatical

    • Aw thanks Therese, I know I would be a bit envious if I read about someone else doing this too, can’t believe my luck to be honest! Thanks heaps for the recipe, I shall check it out – love allspice so has me keen already! 🙂

  1. Those photos are INSANELY amazing! It looks so beautiful where you are. I am in love with your gloves too. Who cares if you veered off the pattern, they look fabulous. Now my girls are asking me to make them a pair each. (ummmmmmm…….maybe?)
    My cousin had baby lambs that wouldn’t feed from their mother and needed to be fed every 3 or 4 hours. There was a whole crew of us volunteering to keep those lambs alive. They are so cute though aren’t they?

    • Aw thanks so much for your kind words re my photos! It’s a bit ridiculous how many I take but I just can’t help myself 😁 … Well I would say give the wrist warmers a go, I’m just hopeless with patterns, the first but was easy ☺️ … Oh yes insanely cute are baby lambs and so much personality, they had me laughing today.

  2. I’ve just made a similar move to the country, and I’m very envious of having some decompression time! My cheap, GF, DF recipe recommendation would be lentil bolognaise sauce, perhaps with mashed potatoes rather than pasta: saute onions, carrots, celery; add red lentils and canned tomatoes (& salt and pepper); cook until done! Adding herbs or spices or other vegies as they’re to hand. Does the job! How great to have your time off during a season when you can get out and do things on your property, and get the vegie garden pumping – enjoy!

    • Oh thanks Jen, tis such a wonderful experience moving to the country isn’t? And yes I feel super lucky that I’m getting to have a chunk of time at home! Lentil bolognaise is one of those dishes I’ve been wanting to try for ages, thanks so much for the recipe 🙂

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