dear monday 14.12.15

We left Napier after a final stop at our new favourite fish & chip shop, with two little crayfish tails on board for our midday pit stop planned at Lake Taupo. The scenery changed quickly from coastal to mountainous and the windy road opened to gorgeous vistas of untouched rugged New Zealand beauty often. Hungry and keen for our crayfish lunch at Taupo, we decided a little detour to follow a waterfall lookout was worth investigating, and it did not disappoint, not only was it huge, hard to gather the scale in this photo I know, it was so beautiful! It was here I saw my first New Zealand Bumblebee #bestname! We don’t have Bumblebees in Victoria so I have a little fascination with them. I have seen them before in Tasmania, but this guy had a pilot – he was huge, and so fluffy! We watched him buzz busily about the native flowers for a while, and enjoyed the waterfall for a bit before the call of the crayfish became too loud to bear. Back in the car on the roadtrip to Taupo and before long we were sitting by New Zealand’s largest lake, tucking into fresh crayfish and pondering waterfalls, bumblebees and how much stunning beauty Aotearoa offers.

Waipunga Falls, New Zealand. March 2014.


What? Greeting Mondays with gratitude and memories of dreams come true.

How? Sharing a favourite 2014 holiday photo every Monday in 2015. 

Why? Cos I don’t like Mondays so I’m going to fight them with sweet moments.

You? Feel free to join in #dearmonday2015 (leave a link in the comments below so we can see it!)

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