winter calm


So winter is here, and despite the blue sky today, it was freezing… the air in the mountains has that chill to it that reminds you there’s snow in air, making it a little harder to get out the door for a walk. But I’m so pleased when I do, winter has her own prettiness and is worth the chilly bits. I do it for the peace I feel when walking in a beautiful garden, to breathe clean air, to be close to nature, and for my physical health.

I’m working on making the looking-after-self thing more of a priority lately, which means more walking and finding more time to meditate. Sometimes it’s just a little mind wander, or a slower pace in the frenzy of swirling thoughts, or a mountain of zen, or a quite moment, and occasionally it’s the real deal, a peaceful deep state of calm. But that takes a lot of time and constant practice and I really struggle with the time thing these days.

Then along comes Sash over at Inked in Colour with her post Tea to meditate to. It’s a simple way to bring a little calm mindfulness into the day, without a lot of time and preparation and made a lot of sense to me. I’m definitely going to try to incorporate this into one of the many times I make myself a cuppa during the day. Even if you don’t meditate, I reckon you could have a go at this and maybe benefit from it. I always feel better and more together when I’ve had some slow in my day and calm in my head. And it’s such a bonus that it only takes a few minutes! So on that note, I’m off to pop the kettle on and make myself some tea to meditate to.

May you find peace in your cuppa.


Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it and do hope you enjoyed your visit. In Peace Love & Harmony Little White Dove x

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