taking stock, take four

Hello! Where have you been? Has it been good? Are you well?
I’ve been chasing my tail more than usual over the last month, so I figured a good way to catch up was with a taking stock post. (Thanks for the great prompts Pip!)

Kiandra, Kenzo & Sai

Making : Another baby alpaca scarf. Charcoal grey in the sweetest slightly lacey pattern.
Cooking : A slow cooked beef massaman for dinner. We’re up to hour 3 in oven and the house smells amazing.
Drinking : A ginger, lemon & honey cordial… I’ve run out of my homemade ginger syrup… I know, it’s criminal!
Reading: Blogs and I’m still flipping through my already read copy of Craft for Soul. So many gems in that book.
Wanting: A lot of not very much… if that makes sense?
Looking: For little farms in the country.
Playing: Fraser A Gorman Book of Love… heaps! And this one too… I can’t be held responsible if these get stuck in your head all day either.
Deciding: What stuff to keep and what to declutter. 18 years in the same home accumulates a lot of STUFF.
Wishing: All the stars would hurry up and align so everything could fall into place.
Enjoying: Crocheting… I’d so lost without my crafty times.
Waiting: For patience. Possibly not my strong point right now. See Wishing.
Liking: Walking Kenzo and Sai with my daughter.
Wondering: How I’ll go walking Kenzo & Sai by myself when my daughter and her fiance leave for Iceland. to. get. married!
Loving: That my daughter and her fiance are having the wedding of their dreams and nobody elses.
Pondering: How I’ll feel when her special day comes and I’ll be on the other side of the world…
Disliking: That my camera broke.
Considering: Buying a new camera. Any suggestions?
Watching: The belt orders mount up for Charlie… he’s a busy little plaiter these days.
Hoping: The Icelandic weather gods are kind.
Smelling: Daphne. One little vase fills the room with the sweetest scent.
Wearing: Yesterdays perfume, bed hair and runners from my walk this morning. I know, just so glamorous.
Noticing: How productive I am even when I’m stuffed. Soldier on then crash like a trooper I say.
Knowing: I need to walk more.
Thinking: I need to prioritise walking time. I totally love it but somehow it’s easy to push down the to do list.
Feeling: Satisfied with this weekends achievements of shopping, watching the MotoGP with my ma & pa, house cleaning and tidying, cooking, wrapping, writing, crocheting, mending, walking, and blogging!
Sorting: Clothes, not very successfully. I did a big declutter but left the two garbage bags full of clothes by the door for a week. I had to retrieve an item of clothing thrown out in a frenzied declutter moment. Twice.
Buying: Boots. It’s winter and they were on sale!
Getting: Excited about attending this amazing workshop.
Opening: Unexpected happy mail. What a thrill that is.
Giggling: At the guy who crossed the finish line on his knees, beside his motorbike, then gracefully just stood up and got back on. Funniest save ever.
Snacking: On too much Willies Cacao chocolate. The salted, milk of the gods and white are ridiculously delicious.
Coveting: Pretty little farms in the country.
Helping: This fundraising project. Imagine a school that teaches compassion and kindness and open-heartedness. Pretty wonderful right?
Hearing: Most mornings I hear the magpies warble whilst drinking my morning coffee in the window seat. It’s such a fave part of the day.

Ok so that’s me all caught up. How about you? Whatcha been up to?

May kindness and compassion touch you today.


Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it and do hope you enjoyed your visit. In Peace Love & Harmony Little White Dove x

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