one + four = life (baking, knitting, gardening and belts)

The one + four = life series is a ‘lovely weekly visual treat’ created by the lovely Pip from Meet me at Mikes.

herby muffins
These are my ugly but delicious Herby Bready Muffiny Thingys. Quite the mouthful I know but very tasty ones at that. Adapted from my Allergy Friendly Toasty Fruit Bread recipe they are fast becoming a fave regular breakfast for me. Only a minute in the microwave and a generous lashing of butter and I have myself a filling healthy tasty warm breakfast. That’s a winter winner in my books.

beanie love
I started another beanie as soon as I finished the Baby it’s cold outside Beanie. I’ve since finished this one and am considering which yarn to use for the next one. I’m a bit addicted to beanie knitting I think. They’re fast and satisfying, what’s not to love?

veggie patch
I’m so thrilled with my celery babies… having only recently learned about the whole grow-a-new-veg-from-the-old-veg thing. Do you do that? Do you know about it? Chopping the bottom off your celery and planting it? “They” say to put it in water for a week or so first, to get the roots started, but the lazy option of planting said celery bottom direct into the soil works too. Yay for shortcuts and cheap veg I say.

belts belts belts
Thing number 196 about being married to a leather man: You will stumble across long strands of leather, stretching from one room to another, tied to chairs, doors, cupboards etc, tempting a midnight trip should you forget they are there.
Some of these belts are in Charlie’s Shop already but most of them are still to be photographed and listed. It’s on the list. But recently we spent a bit of time creating a new item for the shop where you can design your own plaited belt. You simply pick your plait type, leather colour and buckle type, and Charlie plaits it up. It’s been something we’ve talked about doing for ages so to finally tick that one off the list is super satisfying.

I also came across a very interesting little read on the internet this week that I wanted to share. Five things I’ve learned about the creative process by Ben Lee is inspiring and encouraging. An interesting article that helped me look at the creative process a little differently, I thought you might like it too. Let me know what you think?

May you tick something off your list and enjoy hot buttery bready breakfasts.


13 thoughts on “one + four = life (baking, knitting, gardening and belts)

  1. I am loving the look of those muffins and have been thinking for some time that I should start knitting myself a beanie (I have quite a collection, but have never knitted one for myself.) xx

  2. Beautiful photos! The muffins look delicious (not so ugly at all) and that beanie, wow. Such a great colour. I had a run on making beanies a while back, they’re addictive aren’t they! x

  3. Hia…love your post! Those muffins look relish (I clicked through to your recipe but am not so keen on using 6 eggs – am going to experiment using fewer eggs)……love that you’re both such creative people…..great stuff that you’ve managed to add that custom plaiting option to the shop! Is that rhubarb I spy in your collection of ‘regrowing’ veggies? Yum, I love me some rhubarb!!!!! Have a great week! Helen {popped over from 1+4}

    • Thanks so much Clare! Ah yes, there’s always belts and leather scraps scattered around the house… he’s very productive with his leather work…
      And yay re the celery! I’ve got 5 celery plants in the patch doing so very well – I can’t wait to eat them -again! Thanks for popping in πŸ™‚

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