baby it’s cold outside

Baby it’s cold outside Beanie.
Yarn 1 (Dark Grey) = 50% Baby Alpaca, 30% Merino Wool, 20% Bamboo.
Yarn 2 (Light Grey) = 50% Alpaca, 35% Merino Wool, 15% Silk.

Just popping in quickly to say hi…. ‘Hi!’ …. and to let you know I finished knitting my beanie. And shock of all shocks, I’ve actually popped it in my shop! I think it’s the first thing I’ve listed in my shop for months. It’s reinvigorated my determination to concentrate more on making items for the shop. I hope you’ll be seeing a refreshed shop within the next few months… or as fast my hands can knit, crochet, snap, type, repeat… etc etc etc…


Is that not the sweetest way to describe the process of making something with love… of doing what you love… of following your creative drive to make… of quite literally putting your heart and soul into what you make…. I stumbled across this new-to-me word on instagram via Desert Wanderer. I just love it and am so pleased to have found the perfect little word to describe how a bit of my heart ends up in everything I make.

Speaking of sweet finds, I’ve got two more I wanted to share with you today… just because.

  • The Moral Bucket List isn’t a 5 second read, but it’s well worth the few minutes it’ll take you to read it if you are looking for some inspiration.
  • And this one… because love is beautiful and love that stands the test of time is pretty special.

What are you reading lately, care to share a link?

Wishing you warm Meraki beanies for when it’s cold outside baby!

Thanks to Skye for the Moral Bucket List link, and a special thanks to my beautiful daughter for the beanie modelling xx


12 thoughts on “baby it’s cold outside

  1. Love that beanie! Looks great, Yvette! I also had a quick read of The Moral Bucket List and really liked this quote “I came to the conclusion that wonderful people are made, not born — that the people I admired had achieved an unfakeable inner virtue, built slowly from specific moral and spiritual accomplishments.” – I will have to set aside some time in the afternoon to read it properly I think! Thanks for sharing 🙂 x

  2. Thanks….I love the Moral Bucket List….I’ve read it twice and shared with some pals. Just what I’ve needed to read while sitting by the fire on a wet Adelaide autumn afternoon. And I love the Love pictures too…oh that we should all achieve 50 years of loving and being loved…..

  3. Lovely beanie! My Mum knitted me two lovely hats recently – one like a floppy beret and another a bobble hat with a pom-pom. Nothing better than hand-knitted gifts 🙂

    • Oh that’s so sweet Rebecca! I love that your mum knits you hats… funnily enough my daughter told she’d like one just like the one she modelled for me… nothing beats handmade and handmade with love – well that’s the just the bestest! 🙂

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