country peace

This is what country peace looks like for me…

Being close to mothernature with the sounds of the river and the birds, creating something, and just hanging out with no place else to be…

Charlie patiently tying knots and untangling line, with the hope of a Trout dinner the reward… it wasn’t… but it didn’t matter…

Walking along the banks of a river for no other reason than to just admire its beauty…

Even just taking the time to experiment with camera settings, instead of trying to get the shot quickly and move on to the next thing…

Taking the time to follow The Lake Labyrinth path:
“The Labyrinth is a journey
The way to the centre
The way to ourselves”

Stopping to acknowledge those that came before us, carving a way through the rugged Australian country, finding gold and building a town we can all enjoy many years later…

Stopping by ramshackle old houses that a stranger might see as just old and run down… but others know it as a home brimming with family, home cooking, friendship, nurturing, home grown produce, fresh milk from the cows, safety, childhood memories… but mostly love…

I’m sure I breathe deeper and move slower in the wide open spaces of the country…

Beechworth always gifts me with a dose of country peace… and I always leave vowing to go back before as much time passes between visits again.

Wishing you a place that nurtures your soul, replenishes your spirit and brings you peace.


6 thoughts on “country peace

  1. Ooh this looks like such a beautiful little trip. I love the idea of breathing deeper and moving slower in the country – completely agree! Loved your photos, too x

  2. Oh how I could do me a dose of that! Went fishing the other day on a river just as beautiful (we’re in tassie). All went well til the dog ate the fish hook and we had to rush him into town to the vet. There went the country peace.
    I was in Beechworth in Novemver. It was lovely though we only passed through. Looking forward to going back for a propper looksee!

    • Oh no! Poor pup, that must have been stressy! Ah yes, Beechworth is definitely worth the visit, so much to see and do and just enjoy that slow country town vibe…
      I do love tassie tho, I’ve very fond memories of a wonderful roadtrip anti clockwise ’round the island a couple of years back. Beautiful countryside you have there 🙂 x

  3. I love your photos especially the one with the water whooshing around the rocks in the creek. Looks like such a peaceful place to kick back and recharge x

    • Aww thank you! I had fun fiddling with the camera settings on that pic. (Took a ridiculous amount!)
      Twas a very peaceful place to relax, there is something a bit magical about Beechworth I think. Thanks heaps for stopping by 🙂 x

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