my smile inducers… january

In the spirit of that old thing ‘what you focus on grows’…. it’s time to look for some smile inducing moments… I’ll go first shall I?
In no particular order….
When my boy told me about choosing to spend his precious few last backpacking dollars on a book to keep him entertained on the long trip home from Colombia to Australia, instead of buying a meal. I feel like I must have done something right there, books over food… and he loves his food!
Watching hubby chase the birds out of our apple trees… he’s pretty tall and lanky (think praymantis) and when he hears those familiar lorakeit-gorging-sounds, he flys out the door, leaps over whatever debris is in the backyard (currently a teasingly-lazy-hammock), and furiously waves a big stick at the birds, telling them in no uncertain terms to buggar off! Ahh if only he’d let me take a photo of this, I’m sure you’d be smiling!
Eating my homegrown veggies… I don’t mean to bang on about it, but it seriously makes me so happy and smiley with every mouthful!
The Humans of New York website… yes I know, I’m late to the party… I usually am… some of the stories are a quite heartbreaking but the inspirational warm and fuzzies mostly outweigh the sad bits… I’d love ALL school teachers to read this one
Mondays! I know, who’d have thunk it! I’m so enjoying my new dear monday series I’m actually looking forward to Mondays so I can reminisce over my holiday photos and pick just the right one for that particular Monday… that may be the ONLY thing I’m looking forward on Mondays, but hey, it’s a start.
Listening to pearls of wisdom from Ralph on Landline, who is now 84 and still working in the timber mill he designed and built when he was in his 60’s. The classic understated country way he spoke, and how this rolled off the tongue, made me smile indeed:
“There are things in it [the saw mill] that I didn’t do right, because, let’s face it, a fella whose never made a mistake, he’s never made anything”… and aint that the truth!
This blog… if you’re ever having a crap day just pop over here for some guaranteed authentic cheery attitude… you really can’t help but leave a Pip post without a smile. I’d just love to have more of that cheery disposition so I pop over regularly in the hope that it’ll rub off a bit.
Getting a flat tyre on a pretty road… admittedly the pretty road induced more of a smile than the flat, although it was the second flat in 2 weeks so I kinda had to smile. Smile or *swear! And really, what can you do? Change it, enjoy the scenery, move on and smile about the good fortune of breaking down in a pretty peaceful part of the country I say.
Music is especially giving me plenty of heart smiles lately… Being able to escape the everyday into favourite songs whilst crocheting is one of my all time favourite things to do… I’m loving the whole Sweet Apple CD but especially this song, and this song.
Ok, now it’s your turn… tell me something that’s made you smile lately… big or little it doesn’t matter… a smile shared is… a smile shared!

May your smile-o-meter runneth over with happy.


*Of course I did plenty of that too!



6 thoughts on “my smile inducers… january

  1. What a lovely little idea, Yvette! One of my smile-inducers lately has been watching my boyfriend excitedly show me around his little garden patches, proudly pointing out new veggies cropping up. It’s only a recent hobby of his and he’s really taken to it. Another is this book I’m reading at the moment – Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore. I turned my light out the other night to turn over and realise it had a glow in the dark cover! It put a smile on my face as I drifted off. Thanks for sharing – such a good practice to get into.

    • Thanks Jacquie, so nice to hear what makes others smile! The veggie growing smile inducer is quite the addictive one I’ve found! And a glow in dark book cover!!! How awesome! Thanks so much for stopping by x

  2. I’ve been meaning to do a smile inducing blog post ever since you first created it way back. I love your ability to see all the good things Yvette. Such a beautiful, positive attitude. And that boy of yours – you must be so proud! What is making me smile a lot lately is the wonderful community of people over at Blog with Pip land. Any time I need cheering up I head over there. Pip’s cheeriness seems to have rubbed off on everyone. She is a treasure.

    • Oh your comment just gave me more smiles!!! Thanks so much for your kind words and for popping in Deb, I really appreciate it.
      I couldn’t agree more re our lovely Pip! The community and general vibe that touches everything Pip touches is pretty darn ace isn’t! 🙂

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