grandparents and granny stitch

My Gran… isn’t she beautiful? The picture on the left was taken at a spelling bee… she was such a smart cookie. On the right she is going to the Footy… to see her beloved Bombers. Yep, that’s how smart they dressed to go the Footy in those days. Just look at that gorgeous hat with the feather… so stylish.

My Grandma… isn’t she beautiful? She’s such a cutie in the one on the left… arm around my Grandpop and the wee girl in the bonnet is my mum. On the right she is with her dad… looking like the sweet country girl she was.

wedding party
What a stunning wedding party… I’d like one of those sailor shirts now! Unfortunately my Grandma & Grandpop don’t have any wedding photos as legend has it the photographer they booked got drunk and didn’t turn up!

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful old photos lately and I feel very lucky that we have so many. All the photos are showing the wears of time, so dad has digitally removed some scratches and blemishes on a few special ones… a labour of love for their funeral services. Grandpa left us last year and Gran just a few weeks back. Grandma passed a few years ago now and Grandpop followed six months later. They were all able to see their grandchildren grow into adults and even enjoy their great grand children… how great is that?!

I have such wonderful memories to treasure… I’m lucky our family was close and we had lots of birthday parties, Christmas days, afternoon teas and so very many other special times together. Making rock cakes with Grandma and Grandpop throwing real rocks in the mix. Grandma’s homemade baked rice pudding with peaches. Grandma teaching me the piano when I little, then my kids the piano when they were little. Gran taking my sister and cousins and I to the theatre to see Peter Pan. Gran’s nectarine tree in the old house. The smell of Grandma’s homemade soap. The smell of Gran’s handcream. Gran & Grandpas sheep called Sean. Playing pool very carefully on Grandpa’s new pool table. My cousins and my sister and I wearing matching dresses on Christmas day that Gran had made. The taste of Grandma’s freshly dug new potatoes at dinner. Grandma’s homemade biscuits with passionfruit icing. Gran’s lemon slice and birthday sponges. ‘Working’ in Grandma & Grandpops shop. Watching my daughter jump up and join Grandma in her linedance class. Receiving texts from my 90 year Gran! I could go on forever but I don’t want to bore you… maybe I already have… Suffice to say that grandparents are precious and the memories we’re left with live in a very special corner of our hearts.

This Wreath-of-Love was made for my Gran with blooms from my Dove Cottage garden. Pretty bright pink Camellias, pale pink Camellia buds, one special Abraham Darby Rose, Lavender, Rosemary, Jasmine buds, Mile-a-Minute, Happy Wanderer, Daphne and Salvia.

And now to something a little brighter… My Popping Candy Blanket is finished and will pop into my shop soon. I absolutely loved crocheting this blanket and am pretty sure the Granny Stitch is my favourite stitch ever. It’s just so comforting and rhythmic and humble. And versatile, not only in what kind of pattern you use it in, but how you use colours with it. I really like the effect of the white main colour, and a single row of different colours in between. But now I’m ready to start a new project… oh how I love this part… forming the idea and picking the yarn and the colours.

A happy little stash of blankets… that makes me smile. And if you were expecting the ‘my smile inducers’ post, I’m sorry. I’m lame and fickle and undisciplined. I know I said I was going to do that each month… but you know, I really didn’t feel like writing a list of smiley things today. Not that I’m not smiling… I am. I have a lot to smile about… really, so much! So the smile inducing post will pop in from time to time, just not to a set calendar.

Do you have any special Grandparent memories you’d like to share? I promise you, they won’t bore me.

And if you’re lucky enough to still have grandparents around, give them a hug.

And if you no longer have your grandparents around, I’m giving you a virtual hug right now.

Wishing you blooms in your garden, and time to make sweet memories with your special ones.


8 thoughts on “grandparents and granny stitch

  1. Ah, such beautiful photos and even more beautiful memories. I am always struck by the things that remain in our recollections for so many years. When I think of my Grandma, I think of a gooseberry bush by the playhouse in their garden, her pinny and the warbly voiced hymns she sang and hummed in her kitchen. My other grandmother is still going strong at 93 and is of the elegant lady persuasion. So refined and impossibly together! Your wreath, Dove. Such a labour of love and tenderness. It is truly beautiful.
    And did you say you have a SHOP? Why have I only just cottoned on to this extraordinary fact? LInk, please!

    • Love the warbly voiced singing you recollect… how gorgeous! So lucky to still have a Grandmother around… tis a bit sad when they’re all gone… And the gooseberry bush… love it… was there jam involved? I was surprised by how many of my memories involved food… that old thing about sharing homemade nourishing food… it’s pretty special hey?
      Thanks for your kind words re the wreath… I do love to play with flowers and make the most of whatever I’ve got in the garden. I made a lavender and rosemary wreath for my Grandma years ago, and it was placed at the foot of the grave. Next time we went to visit, there was a rosemary bush growing! So sweet.
      And yes the shop, it’s my little Etsy shop… link here

      thanks so much for stopping by Rach… and for sharing your beautiful grandparent memories… I love them! xx

  2. What lovely old photos of your grandparents and wonderful memories. Unfortunately I only knew my paternal Grandma, my other grandparents had passed on by the time was born. My Grandma died when I was 8 and I remember being absolutely heartbroken, as we had a very special bond because she had spent a lot of time together when I was sick a couple of years before. I wasn’t allowed to go to her funeral as it meant I would have had to take several days off school to travel to Melbourne. I think that made it worse.
    I love the Granny blanket. The white gives it a bright modern look.

      • I remember those ones too… Maybe you could make yourself one as your own little tribute? Or even a little cushion cover? I love seeing little (& big) connections to them scattered around the house… The piano being a big one for me X

    • That must have been so sad when you lost your grandma… Being able to say goodbye really does help I think… I feel so blessed that I did get to do that to 3 of my 4 grandparents. There is a very special bond with grandparents, and even more so when they look after you for a long period, I really feel for the 8 year old you Michelle, and send her a special hug x

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it and do hope you enjoyed your visit. In Peace Love & Harmony Little White Dove x

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