taking stock, take 3


Making : My kiwi coast blanket.
Cooking : Pips roast chicken soup. Lots!
Drinking : Ginger spritz and my fave mix of liquorice & peppermint tea.
Reading: About Kate in dumbofeather. So inspirational!
Wanting: To buy the old fire brigade building in Beechworth. Lovely lucky Brenda at 13 acres, instagram’d a pic of this special place which is how I found out it’s for sale. My grandma met my grandpop at a dance there way way back in 1945!
Looking: Like something the cat dragged in! I’ve been gardening and riding my bike, so mix up some helmet hair with dirt and you’re getting close!
Playing: Nice with myself and listening to the whispers before they get all yelly and demanding.
Deciding: On what veggies to plant in our brand new veggie patch… excited!
Wishing: I could win tatts (refer to Wanting above)
Enjoying: The extra motivation for bear loves dove thanks to a blog with pip course. Hence two posts in a week – this one is homework! Smiley face stamp for moi πŸ™‚
Waiting: For things to slow down. But getting a bit impatient as it’s just not happening.
Liking: Just doing something for the fun of it, not because I need to, or because I should, or because it’s on ‘the list’ but just because it’s fun. (refer picture above!)
Wondering: Why I don’t make the fun things a priority when I know how good they are for me. Seems a bit dumb really.
Loving: Skyping my son.
Pondering: How I can bring some balance into my life that I long for. Somewhere between getting stuff done and spending enough time relaxing/crafting/doing fun stuff and seeing family/friends. Oh balance where art thou?
Considering: What kind of practical steps would help facilitate the Pondering thing. I really want to do something about it but just not sure how. Maybe it’s just my perception on the time frame I would like to do all that stuff in?
Watching: Offspring again.
Hoping: We can get in a few more rides before winter sets in and the weather turns crap.
Marvelling: At how autumn blows me away every year – it just never gets old for me!
Needing: A few more hours in the day, and days in the week – who doesn’t huh!
Smelling: The refreshing peppermint and lavender essential oils I’m burning.
Wearing: A huge smile from ear to ear when I think about how amazing it will be to be in Machu Picchu with my son and hubby beside me. OMG. Dream!
Following: My heart.
Noticing: How it’s nearly June and I suspect my roses will have to go another year without pruning.
Knowing: I better get some accommodation and holiday insurance sorted soon as my South American adventure is racing round!
Thinking: That I can’t believe after not having a passport for most of my life, that within a very short time frame I am going to tick off two massive travel bucket list destinations that I kinda thought would always be that ‘one day I’ll go to paris’ thing and ‘one day I’ll go to Machu Picchu’ thing.
Feeling: Very lucky and blessed with life in general but especially my two beautiful children… As a newish empty nester I miss them heaps but I am also really bloody proud of them, who they are and what they are doing with their lives!
Admiring: My son for having the guts to fly to the other side of the world, by himself, not knowing anyone there, and living his dream adventure!
Sorting: Not quite at the physical sorting bit yet, still mentally sorting a few crafty supplies so I can get them all organised and arranged nicely in some newly free drawers. It’s on ‘the list’.
Buying: Not much, I’m trying to save. (Refer to Knowing).
Getting: The gardening bug back again after putting in the new veg patch.
Bookmarking: Blogs and recipes.
Disliking: Feeling tired and a depleted by the end of most weeks, weekends are becoming more about recovering than doing stuff, which is something I’m desperate to fix!
Opening: Up the throttle on my motorbike like a cheeky little revhead!
Giggling: At the little revhead I become on my bike! I blame the rumble of the Duke.
Snacking: On the last of the chocolates I brought back from NZ that you can’t buy here, whitmans white chocolate with freeze dried raspberries. I may shed a tear when the last bag is finished!
Coveting: So many farms on real estate websites.
Helping: Myself to another cuppa.
Hearing: The new Beck cd. Again. And again.

So that’s me. That’s where I’m at this Sunday arvo. Where are you?
Wishing you time for the fun stuff.


4 thoughts on “taking stock, take 3

  1. Love these lists. If you don’t mind giving your postal address to a complete stranger in NZ, I can get another bag of those Whittakers White Raspberry Slabs for you. They are my favourite as well. Did you try the White chocolate L&P slabs too, when you were over here?

    • Thanks for stopping by Julie! Thanks for you lovely offer too – I’ve had actually had a few offers from superduper lovely people offering to send me more of those divine chocolates, but I’m afraid if I take you up on the offer as well I’ll start looking like a big slab of chocolate – or maybe just a big slab! Your sweet offer is really appreciated though πŸ™‚
      I didn’t try the L&P slabs but did become quite a fan of the drink and made sure I got the obligatory tourist photo with the big bottle πŸ™‚

  2. I can relate to so much on your taking stock list. We appear to share a lot of the same interests, gardening, craft, and even though I don’t ride a motorbike I do like to sit behind someone who does. I’m also planning a couple of OS trips next year, England & Japan. And re the rose pruning I usually don’t get mine pruned til July even early August so you have time yet.

    • Thanks for stopping by Michelle… There’s nothing quite like the freedom of the bike hey? England and Japan sound like big bucket list o/s trips! Yay πŸ™‚

      And great to know I may not be the only one pruning in Aug πŸ™‚

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