peaceful autumn walks


Sometimes my mind is like a freight train, heavily loaded up heading to some important destination.
Sometimes there’s mechanical or track issues and I’m stranded until repairs are underway.
Sometimes it’s like a bullet train, flying along at a rate of knots unable to take in the surroundings.

But then there’s Autumn… In the mountains… Where my train gently chugs to a stop and I get off… I walk around enjoying the trees in their gorgeous Autumn glory… In awe of their majesty and strength. I think of nothing much but how beautiful they are… And how amazing Mother Nature is.

But I can’t always get to the gardens in the mountains… And it’s not always Autumn… So I thought it would be nice to mentally go back whenever I want to… And I thought maybe you might want to too?

Feel free to stroll /scroll at your own pace… Pause where you like… Leave when you want… Next train leaves only when you’re ready…

Wishing you peaceful Autumn walks in the mountains…



Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it and do hope you enjoyed your visit. In Peace Love & Harmony Little White Dove x

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