How do you plait a leather belt?

I wrote a post for my hubby’s blog Stockman Leathercraft… check it out! If you wanna 🙂

Stockman Leathercraft

I hear you ask…

Maybe not, but I thought it was interesting… It’s a big, long, time consuming process that I am fascinated by. I should introduce myself, I’m Charlies wife so you can call me The Stockman’s Wife! (I do go also go by the name Little White Dove ’round these parts.)

Charlie is busy plaiting up orders at the moment, so I thought I would pop by and show you some of the processes he goes through to make a leather plaited item. I’ve been taking photographs of Charlie at the different stages of plaiting for a while, with this post in mind… I hope you enjoy!

This is how the Kangaroo hide arrives. A very large piece of leather indeed. Sitting on top is a whole hide cut into one very big long strand.

the tool
I know this looks like some weird kind of contraption that you’d…

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