63 hawks and 1 wild pig

lonely bay coromandels
We saw 63 hawks during our New Zealand roadtrip. Not all once, but pretty much every day we saw Hawks. I thought it was really special. For the first 3.
lookout coromandels
And a little wild black pig ran across the road in front of us. Can’t say I’ve ever had that happen before. I thought he looked like a really cute little piggy, hubby thought he’d make great pork chops.

These are just some of the other things I’ll miss about the beautiful North Island of New Zealand;
~ Pulling up to a servo and having someone come out and put petrol in the car for you. Yep!
~ Two lovely checkout chicks at the register, one pricing the goods and one packing said goods into shopping bags. Just like olden days.
~ Eating Crayfish from a take-away container with a plastic fork. So cheap, fresh and delicious.
napier to taupo
Really rolly rolling green hills and huge jagged rocky mountains.
~Stunning jewel coloured beaches of emerald, jade, turquoise and sapphire. Not exaggerating.
~Sitting in a steaming hot self-dug (actually mostly hubby-dug) pool of healing water on the beach.
music crochet
~ Roadtrip music, crochet, singing and delirious humour.
~ Funky little towns with Art Deco and Yarn Mills. Hello Napier!
hobbiton matamata
~ Cute little hobbit homes with round doors and windows.
~ Merge like a zip road signs. Can we get some of those here?
welcome bay
~ Feeling welcomed in Welcome Bay.
~ Buying 20 homegrown delicious passionfruits from a lady on the side of road for $5, her asking if we wanted Avocados too, us saying no thanks and her just giving us two anyway. For free.
beach coromandels
~ Peace and space.
~ Honesty boxes. There are heaps!
mount maunganui
~ Quiet walks on beaches and around, up and down mountains.
beach papamoa
~ Perfect sunny days on perfect pristine beaches.
~ Eating fish & chips and watching the surfers.
Whitianga fish & chips
~ Fish & Chip shops with walls full of vintage photos.
sunrise mount maunganui
~ Spectacular sunrises and sunsets.
norfolk pines napier
~ Norfolk Pine tree lined streets.
beach napier
~ Falling asleep and waking up to the sound of the waves.
hells gate rotorua
~ Moody moonscapes.
sunrise papamoa
~ Crafting by the beach.
bay of plenty
~ The beach.

Have I mentioned the beach?
Oh holidays, you are the bestest. I miss you so.
Have you got any holidays on the horizon? Where are you off to? Hope the sun is shiney is for you.


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