kiwi cups & the kiwi coast

Kiwi Cups… just little container thingys really, but I like the sound of Kiwi Cups.

Named so as I made them up on our recent roadtrip around the North Island of New Zealand… and I thought they looked a bit like kiwi fruit colours… before I added the grey one.

I’m using them for business card holders, pens, froggy buttons, crochet hooks and I’ve just started using one to pop all those endy bits of yarn you snip off whilst crocheting. I often just have a big ol stack of them on the coffee table, but now they will look neat and organised tucked away in my Kiwi Cups… for a little while at least!

The kiwi cups were born from my hoarding ways… You see I bought a stack of this yarn, and the balls of this particular cotton/bamboo blend came wrapped around these cardboard cylinders. They were too good to throw out, I knew ‘one day’ I would make something of them.

The idea came to me as I was tidying up my craft room and I started popping pens in the cardboard containers that were sitting around. I suddenly realised I could make them look a whole lot prettier if I crocheted around them, and If I added a base they would actually be practical. I packed a couple in my luggage along with some random lime green yarn hanging nearby, and somewhere between Lake Taupo and Wellington ‘one day‘ finally came.

Remember my kiwi yarn purchase? It started in Napier and was added to in Rotorua. Inspired by the gorgeous colours of the North Island East Coast, I wanted to crochet a big blanket with all the lovely greens, aqua, turquoise and blues I kept seeing in the oceans, bays and beaches. It would be my Kiwi Coast Blanket. And even better, I had the perfect excuse to find yarn shops and buy more yarn. Serendipity!

When I got home I realised I also had some colours in my stash from Bendigo Woollen Mills that would really set it off.

I looked for an inky blue yarn in NZ but luckily I didn’t find any, as I had some already. I just love these colours together and have totally got my crochet mojo on making this blanket. You know, that feeling when you can wait to finish the row just to see how it’s coming along?

And it’s a big long row… I want a big blanket… this baby is 242 stitches wide! I’m using this pattern as a guide. Huge thanks to Hannah from Not your average Crochet, for the fantastic pattern and great tutorial with loads of photos! From what I read Hannah’s pattern is inspired by Little Woolie’s pattern. Jules from Little Woolies has a great link on her blog with lots of pictures and patterns that can be used in a blanket like this. A big thanks to you too Jules!

I will be changing colours and stitches in my Kiwi Coast Blanket, but I’m also plan on doing larger blocks of colour with the different stitches to add some subtle texture to the blanket. Like the ripples, white caps and waves of the ocean… at least that how it appears in my crochet imagination anyway!

As I’m finishing one row I’m thinking about the next stitch and colour combination… this blanket is going to evolve. I don’t like to plan things too hard or, as you know, stick to a pattern. I’m too fickle, indecisive and disorganised to do that! I’ll either run out of yarn or change my mind before I get the to end of a complete pattern. I LOVE to use a pattern as a guide, but I like to let the blanket and yarn and my mood take me where I feel like I’m meant to go… that’s just the way I crochet.

How do you crochet, knit, craft? Do you kinda make it up on the way or do you plan it?

Whatever works and gives you your craft mojo is the right way in my books.

Wishing you happy mojo moments…

citrus blossom icing

It sounds delicious doesn’t? But it’s not food for the body… it’s nourishing… but in a different way… Meet Citrus Blossom…
Citrus Blossom Blanket.
100% Pure Cotton, Crochet.

It’s fresh and full of citrus colours… it looks cheery and happy… much of this blanket was crocheted either on the way to, on way back from or in New Zealand. I think it has the light carefree vibe that our holiday had.

I love the three dimensional aspect of these flowers. I was originally going to have more of them… but it didn’t quite work… now I’m glad it didn’t. I think nine flowers is perfect. Besides, it works with my OCD about numbers… nine is a great number in numerology and it’s one of my faves.

I wrote about the patterns I’ve used in this blanket here. And I found a lovely subtle little edge pattern on pinterest here. I love the fresh burst of sunshine I feel with this blanket, it will be going into the shop soon to join a heap of others… all with their own vibe and personality.

I have such a stash blankets that I’ve made… sometimes I wonder if I will ever sell them all… sometimes I wonder if it’s wise I put so much of my time, love and energy into making stuff… but then, out of the blue, I’ll get an email that makes me realise something very important. I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing.

sweet babe wrapped in love
I was thrilled to receive this lovely photo of one my blankets with it’s gorgeous new owner. This dear sweet little baby girl has had a tough start to life, but is finding a smidge of comfort in her blankie. Her mum and dad cuddle her during the day in this blanket, and keep the blanket with them during the day so it has their scent, then when bubs is tucked in at night, she’s wrapped in the blanket to comfort her.
I love to craft for so many reasons, but this… this is the very sweet heartwarming icing on the nourishing cake. I feel like in my own little way, I am putting out a teeny tiny incy wincy bit of goodness in the world. I know it’s only a crocheted baby blanket, but I am humbled and honoured by this story. Humbled to be a teeny part of it, and honoured to have had this story shared with me. How can this not warm your heart? How could you ever want to stop crafting babies blankets after hearing this? So I shall continue to follow my heart and craft, not just because I love it so much that I couldn’t stop if I tried, but because somehow, somewhere deep down, I really believe I am meant to.

Sending healing thoughts out to all little bubs that need it.

May goodness find you on this cloudy but very good Good Friday.

crocheted heart garlands

Happy Hearts
100% cotton light pink, 100% wool dark pink.

Happy Hearts are going to a brand new baby girl…

Healing Hearts
100% cotton light pink, 100% cotton cream.

Healing Hearts are going to a wee baby girl on the other side of world…

The pale pink is the softest pink ever, hard to capture in a photograph actually as it looks a bit washed out.
But it’s soft and delicate and pretty and perfect for sweet baby girls full of sugar spice and all things nice.

Sending happy healing hearts out to you, where ever you are, this sweet Sunday.

63 hawks and 1 wild pig

lonely bay coromandels
We saw 63 hawks during our New Zealand roadtrip. Not all once, but pretty much every day we saw Hawks. I thought it was really special. For the first 3.
lookout coromandels
And a little wild black pig ran across the road in front of us. Can’t say I’ve ever had that happen before. I thought he looked like a really cute little piggy, hubby thought he’d make great pork chops.

These are just some of the other things I’ll miss about the beautiful North Island of New Zealand;
~ Pulling up to a servo and having someone come out and put petrol in the car for you. Yep!
~ Two lovely checkout chicks at the register, one pricing the goods and one packing said goods into shopping bags. Just like olden days.
~ Eating Crayfish from a take-away container with a plastic fork. So cheap, fresh and delicious.
napier to taupo
Really rolly rolling green hills and huge jagged rocky mountains.
~Stunning jewel coloured beaches of emerald, jade, turquoise and sapphire. Not exaggerating.
~Sitting in a steaming hot self-dug (actually mostly hubby-dug) pool of healing water on the beach.
music crochet
~ Roadtrip music, crochet, singing and delirious humour.
~ Funky little towns with Art Deco and Yarn Mills. Hello Napier!
hobbiton matamata
~ Cute little hobbit homes with round doors and windows.
~ Merge like a zip road signs. Can we get some of those here?
welcome bay
~ Feeling welcomed in Welcome Bay.
~ Buying 20 homegrown delicious passionfruits from a lady on the side of road for $5, her asking if we wanted Avocados too, us saying no thanks and her just giving us two anyway. For free.
beach coromandels
~ Peace and space.
~ Honesty boxes. There are heaps!
mount maunganui
~ Quiet walks on beaches and around, up and down mountains.
beach papamoa
~ Perfect sunny days on perfect pristine beaches.
~ Eating fish & chips and watching the surfers.
Whitianga fish & chips
~ Fish & Chip shops with walls full of vintage photos.
sunrise mount maunganui
~ Spectacular sunrises and sunsets.
norfolk pines napier
~ Norfolk Pine tree lined streets.
beach napier
~ Falling asleep and waking up to the sound of the waves.
hells gate rotorua
~ Moody moonscapes.
sunrise papamoa
~ Crafting by the beach.
bay of plenty
~ The beach.

Have I mentioned the beach?
Oh holidays, you are the bestest. I miss you so.
Have you got any holidays on the horizon? Where are you off to? Hope the sun is shiney is for you.