postcards from nz – matamata


That’s it, my next house is going to have a curved grass roof, round windows and a round front door! I just love the way the cute little Hobbit homes are tucked underground and have soft lines. They sit naturally, gently and lightly on (in?) the earth. No harsh lines or ugly structures in Hobbiton. The Matamata country is so picturesque with it’s rolling hills and deep valleys and the filming for The Lord of the Ring and The Hobbit movies were done from an aspect where there were no buildings, power lines or man made structures in sight. Just the beauty Mother Nature gives us in all her pure glory. I loved this little touristy stop on our NZ roadtrip, and it’s really ignited my love for buildings made out of rustic natural materials… I think mine will have a blue door though.


2 thoughts on “postcards from nz – matamata

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