my gift to me

Today I gave myself the gift of happiness and joy. I did it in the form of these flowers. I picked them from my garden, arranged them, photographed them, then placed them right smack in the middle of the kitchen bench. They smell DIVINE!
All from my garden this bunch includes snow drops, daffodils, jonquils, roses, hellebores, camellias and lavender.

A Buddhist monk once told me that when you give flowers to people you are giving joy and happiness to them. I think about this every time I give someone flowers. Especially when they are from my garden because I think they have lots of love in them too. So I think I am giving love as well as joy and happiness. Feels pretty nice. For me and the person I am giving them to. I love flowers. I love to pick them, smell them, give them and receive them.

I also picked a teeny weeny little posy of flowers. Well just Daphne and Violets actually. They smell divine too! I love Daphne but do prefer this lemon scented Daphne. Its fresh scent and creamy colour is just delicious. This teeny posy is for the loo. I like to have a little posy of flowers in the loo. And the bathroom too sometimes! It’s from my mum. She always has a gorgeous little posy of flowers in the bathroom. It’s lovely. It makes me smile. And that’s gotta be a good thing right? We all need more smiles in our day. And happiness. And joy. And love. Thanks mum x

This sweet Camellia isn’t from my garden. It’s from my winter walks garden. So delicate and pretty just after the rain.

But then everything looks a bit prettier with raindrops just after the rain … don’t you think?

This little guy loved the rain, making it easier to rummage around for his tucker. And he looks pretty cute too!

Winter is really quite beautiful in the garden. The little openings of sunshine in the sky are all the more special when it’s mostly grey and dreary. There’s some lovely flowers blooming, the tree trunks get to come out from hiding behind the leaves and look incredible with their textures and colours and bark, and the grass is super lush and green. I do think there is a lot to love about winter… I know some people don’t like it all… but lots of pots of peppermint tea, crochet and some sweet blooms in the garden, and I’m happy.

I am getting closer to posting a couple of finished blankets too! It’s taken a while, and I’ve procrastinated, been diverted, ignored them, and now finally, washed and blocked them.

This pure white vintage fan ripple blanket is going to be a Christening Blanket. I’ve done a few blankets in this pattern now but they are all a little different. There’s some little tweak of the pattern that I just can’t stop myself from making each time.

This is what’s on my hook right now. It’s nearly finished too. I adore these colours, I based them on these photo’s of my crochet wrist warmers. It’s nearly all pure baby alpaca and is so so soft to touch and light as a feather. I’ve loved not having to count stitches whilst doing this blanket too, just picking it up at the end of the day in front of the telly and finding my rhythm.

Well I’m off to walk by my bunch of flowers in the kitchen, take a deep breath in of their delicious sweet scent and joy and happiness, then make my way to my comfy chair for some crochet. I think I might give myself a gift like this more often. It’s pretty delightful. Sending all of you lovely readers bunches of ‘virtual’ flowers… joy and happiness.


20 thoughts on “my gift to me

  1. ahh White Dove, you have discovered the Simple Abundance in everyday life. I too have found many things that bring me joy. Taking my puppy out at 4am, post a rainy night mind you, I was greeted by little toad, hoppity hopping along, made it worth getting up to see him.
    There is a book called Simple Abundance by Sarah BanBreathnoch, within the book she advises keeping a Gratitude Journal which I did years back…..her book reads like a devotional in that you only read a page or up to three in a day. It’s my favorite and I keep it on my nightstand along with a journal and a lovely pin so that I can jot things down, though I used to actually keep the Gratitude Journal. You write down 5 things you’ve found in your day that you are grateful for, every night before tucking your feet into bed. It really does teach you to look for the marvelous things in a day even on your worst days.
    Your flowers are very gorgeous, love the idea of flowers in the loo too……I typically put flowers in the bedroom when I’m about to have guests……and if I have a picture of the guests, I add that too.

    • What a lovely comment! I love to remind myself of the things I am grateful for too – big or small – they all mean something. It is so easy to loose sight of the small things isn’t? Especially when the day has been a bit crap or ‘challenging’. I’m a big believer in being kind to yourself and treating yourself sometimes. Love your idea of flowers for your guests and pictures too – bet they feel most welcomed with those sweet gestures. Thanks for your lovely comment Becky 🙂

      PS. bet that cute hoppity toad got a surprise to see you and your puppy at 4am 🙂

    • ahh White Dove, I have not told you, my Mother, who also crocheted, recently passed away. I am the only daughter of 3 who crafts at all, in Mom’s stash of afghans and such I found a lovely afghan she had made using all her scraps, I could tell her mind was going as her edges were not quite perfect, but I rescued that afghan and added a border, making a bump every 5th stitch…..gosh even worked out even somehow… is now my most favorite afghan on earth! I love it so much, I sleep with it every night. I also rescued what must’ve been a baby blanket she was working on, try as I might I cannot completely match up her stitches but I’m working along anyway and taking my time as I’m not so eager to finish it off, just enjoying the process. I made sure that every family member got an afghan too…..and there were plenty of us and plenty of afghans. Like you, I so enjoy the process, the creation, the giving birth to the project. I’ve got one of your heart afghans going it’s a combination of deep brown and beige, the colors in my living room, again…..a slow project but I’m enjoying it. Will likely be a year or more before I finish it as I like them rather large……the more perfect for snuggling under.

      • Well that is just the loveliest Becky! I bet your family really treasure those blankets, and how incredibly satisfying to be able to rescue some unfinished work and give the life that your mother no doubt wanted it to have. I love how these blankets we make become so much more than merely blankets… an expression of our love I believe. And what a lovely way to connect and feel connected to your mum – with crochet. Oh and your heart blankets sounds divine! Sometimes it’s the projects that take so very long that we love the most because we know just how much love an effort went into them. I do hope you will share a photo with me when it’s finished? 🙂

  2. I just stumbled upon your beautiful blog this evening after starting work on a crochet heart blanket. I am truly inspired by your work. Your eye for colour is simply lovely. Thank you for spreading so much prettiness!

    • AWWW! Thanks so much Kim, that is just the loveliest comment!!! Geez, really made my day!

      I am thrilled to hear a little inspiration has rubbed off from a visit here, and love that you like my colour selections. I’m super pedantic about colours and how they work together and feel like some combinations just sing to me, whilst others scream not to be anywhere near each other 😉 these little ‘voices’ just can’t be ignored!

      Have fun with the heart blanket, if it’s like the pattern I’ve been using, you should know they can be a bit addictive! They are just so pretty though so totally worth it… Let me know when you have some pics of it, I’d love to see it 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it and do hope you enjoyed your visit. In Peace Love & Harmony Little White Dove x

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