crochet wrist warmers


I made myself something… I’ve been enjoying my winter walks lately except I kept having to roll my sleeves down over my hands to keep them warm. Then I remembered some lovely wrist warmers I had spotted a while back either on the Coco Rose Diaries Blog or Instagram.


So I searched Pinterest for Patterns… as you do! Before long I landed on this pattern for Wrist Warmers which I thought looked like the ones on the Coco Rose blog. Perfect! Or so I thought….


I hunted around for some odds and ends of yarn, knowing they wouldn’t take much, and put together the lovely blue shades that I always fall back on. Soft. Pastel. Slightly green in some lights and sometimes a bit greyish. Gorgeous fibres. Alpaca, silk, wool… the usual suspects.


Off I started… following the pattern… It wasn’t long till I hit a snag! A bit of the pattern that didn’t seem to make sense… to me anyway. I had a look at the comments and somebody had written that it looked like there was a whole row of pattern missing. Great I thought… knowing patterns aren’t exactly my strong point. So, I started the other wrist warmer and got it to the same snag point. Then I just kinda sorta made up the little bits that I needed to continue in the main pattern row. Not sure that makes sense now as I write it, but basically I just fluffed along like I usually do. They are very similar to the look of the ones in the pattern, but a bit different… they’re missing a row every second row! There’s a lot of winging it, and a certain amount of uncertainty in knowing whether the finished product will be wearable when fluffing along like this. And I will say that there was a bit of unraveling … me and the yarn! Throw in a few obligatory swear words about patterns and before I knew it they were done. And they worked… I even made up a little joiny bit between the thumb and fingers.


I have tried them out and they work a treat. My hands are warm as… My fingers get a little chilly but I need them free for photos… Because what’s a winter walk without taking a million photos I ask you? A ‘normal’ walk my hubby would say!

Wishing you little joyful moments like happy sunny winter walks with warm hands.


Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it and do hope you enjoyed your visit. In Peace Love & Harmony Little White Dove x

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