crochet wrist warmers


I made myself something… I’ve been enjoying my winter walks lately except I kept having to roll my sleeves down over my hands to keep them warm. Then I remembered some lovely wrist warmers I had spotted a while back either on the Coco Rose Diaries Blog or Instagram.


So I searched Pinterest for Patterns… as you do! Before long I landed on this pattern for Wrist Warmers which I thought looked like the ones on the Coco Rose blog. Perfect! Or so I thought….


I hunted around for some odds and ends of yarn, knowing they wouldn’t take much, and put together the lovely blue shades that I always fall back on. Soft. Pastel. Slightly green in some lights and sometimes a bit greyish. Gorgeous fibres. Alpaca, silk, wool… the usual suspects.


Off I started… following the pattern… It wasn’t long till I hit a snag! A bit of the pattern that didn’t seem to make sense… to me anyway. I had a look at the comments and somebody had written that it looked like there was a whole row of pattern missing. Great I thought… knowing patterns aren’t exactly my strong point. So, I started the other wrist warmer and got it to the same snag point. Then I just kinda sorta made up the little bits that I needed to continue in the main pattern row. Not sure that makes sense now as I write it, but basically I just fluffed along like I usually do. They are very similar to the look of the ones in the pattern, but a bit different… they’re missing a row every second row! There’s a lot of winging it, and a certain amount of uncertainty in knowing whether the finished product will be wearable when fluffing along like this. And I will say that there was a bit of unraveling … me and the yarn! Throw in a few obligatory swear words about patterns and before I knew it they were done. And they worked… I even made up a little joiny bit between the thumb and fingers.


I have tried them out and they work a treat. My hands are warm as… My fingers get a little chilly but I need them free for photos… Because what’s a winter walk without taking a million photos I ask you? A ‘normal’ walk my hubby would say!

Wishing you little joyful moments like happy sunny winter walks with warm hands.

warning – this may bore you!

Are you an Instagram-er? If so consider yourself warned… this post may just bore you to tears! I felt like sharing a random collection of some of my favourite recent Instagram pictures, so to those of you not on Instagram, feel free to read on – hopefully I won’t bore you!

A favourite outfit. My homemade ombre yellow fimo beads with orange and a pop of turquoise in the form of a homemade bracelet. I had a lovely crafternoon with my mum, my sis and my daughter jewellery making. It was my first go at it ever!

On the last day of Autumn I picked a wee posy of flowers from my garden.

Doing a little roadtrip crochet! Oh and if you’re wondering about all the text and pictures on my photos it’s a new app called ‘A beautiful mess’, from the fab blog ‘A beautiful mess’. Super cute app, super addictive and hard (for me) not to go OTT with it!

I’ve done a little gluten free baking lately. My sweet sis found this great recipe for a pastry-less frangipani tart. Very delicious, very dangerous to start making them… visit THIS RECIPE at your own risk!


Like I said, going a bit nuts with the new app!


Just a bit! Really love these last two blankets off the hook. So cute and soooooo excited to be sending them to a real life bricks and mortar shop!

IMG_8043This is one of the sweetest smelling roses in my garden. It’s such a delicate shade of buttery lemon that deepens a little in Autumn. It’s a David Austin called ‘The Pilgrim’ and my hubby calls it ‘John Wayne’ which I think is a bit cute!

IMG_8050 This photo was taken off a picture from a funeral program. The classic racer is a distant relative and this photo is really really really old. I thought such cool looking dude on his bike deserved sharing.


The knitted blanket I’ve been knitting forEVER! I discovered a #%$@ hole in it and it was a rather nasty one. So I had a go at salvaging it by threading a long circular needle along every stitch below the hole. The raw chocolate (delicious and good for you!) was my reward for doing it right or my commiseration for stuffing it up. The hope was that I would unravel it to this point then simply continue knitting…


As I had only seen this method in a picture somewhere, and I didn’t look up how to do it properly, I found out the hard way that it’s pretty important what part of the stitch you thread the needle in. As I unravelled the needle just lifted off the bulk of the knitting! With a massive chunk of blanket still knitted and loose loops where the needle is meant to go, I sat very carefully, and slowly, one by one, picked up every single stitch… all 163 of them! I’ll get back to knitting some more of this blanket at some stage!


More pretty flowers… have I mentioned just how much I love flowers? I relate to this quote on a favourite blog, Floret – ‘More than anything I must have flowers, always, always.’ Monet.


I seriously LOVE this tall forest! It’s near where I go walking and never ceases to blow me away!

IMG_8325I’ve also been playing with another new app – Pro HDR. My dear dad told me about this one. He’s a photography wizz! Actually he’s a techno wizz… and a walking talking calculator and encyclopedia. Let’s just say he’s pretty darn clever and he told me about this app only last week. My hubby has since named it the ‘Pain in the arse butt’ app because on our walk last week I just about stopped every few feet to take another photo with this new app.


I’ll try to explain what’s so special about this app… This photo is a good example…. Normally a picture like this would turn out one of two ways. With a washed out, bleached out sky, and the tree in true colour. Or with the tree silhouetted and the sky in true colour. This app produces a photo where ALL the colours are true and no bits get washed out or silhouetted. It’s pretty cool!


Ok so are you still there? I haven’t lost you yet? This last one is of my two current projects. A bright colourful woven stitch blanket, and a pure white vintage fan ripple stitch. The white is pure cotton and the blues pure wool.

Hopefully I’ll be back with some finished projects soon… Just gotta slow life down a bit as I’m having trouble keeping up. Life is busy and I’m doing lots, as you can see! But not churning out finished projects at the pace I used to. Tis all good though. life really is sweet…. and in the meantime, there’s always Instagram.

Hope your day is filled with happy pics and pretty views and crafty moments and yummy eats.

I’m off to devour another frangipani tart….ssshhhh… it’s only my 2nd…. this afternoon!

New Belts hot off the press!

Sharing the new belts my husband has made… they are lovely! And adjustable! Gotta love a belt that moves with you don’t you think? I’ve got my order in….

Stockman Leathercraft

I’ve just created a brand new design for a Ladies belt. It’s more of the fashion style, that my wife tells me, ALL the women are wearing!


Ladies Fashion Adjustable Leather Two Tone Patterned Belt with Solid Brass Horseshoe Buckle.

Yep that right ladies, this belt can change from as small as a 84cm to as large as a 100cm size. Great to wear on the waist or the hips, and being plaited it will stretch and soften too. Bound to be the most comfy belt in the wardrobe! IMG_6991



Ladies Fashion Adjustable Leather Plaited Belt with Solid Brass Horseshoe Buckle.

This one would vary in size from around 89cm to about 107cm in size. Both belts come with a matching plaited belt keeper. This means you can tuck the end of the belt through the loop, keeping it nice and tidy.



So I may have been quiet here on the…

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