beach fans, pink hearts and autumn love

I thought I’d pop in to show you what I’ve been working on…

Beach Fans Blanket
100% Cotton, Crochet.

I just love this pattern and I love these colours together! The yarn is all from Bendigo Woollen Mills and crochets up a treat.

I like the texture and ripples of the pattern, and I’ve repeated the ripple effect in the border by crocheting into the back of the stitch there too. (that’s how the ripple is created in the main pattern, in case you were curious).
This blanket is for an order and it will be going into a shop that’s not open yet… so exciting! I’ll be sure to let you know the shop details when it’s open!

Here’s a sneak peek at the other blanket I’ve just finished. This blanket is 100% cotton too, except for the random sprinkling of pink hearts which are in 100% wool.

I’ve been crocheting a great deal of late… So much so that my shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, and thumbs are a wee bit weary and achy! I’ve been making sure I walk it out at my favourite gardens… you know looking silly walking and swinging my arms about! (Lucky there’s not many people around hey?) It’s not hard to make myself walk it out at the moment as I absolutely love Autumn, and the gardens are in the peak of their Autumn glory right now. I know I shared a picture of the gorgeous red colours a couple of posts back, well check how beautiful and sunshiney the golden hues are….

How can you not feel utter joy walking along a stunning golden path like that I ask you? The tree I’m standing under is a Tulip Tree and is absolutely majestic! It’s huge, has an amazing shape, lovely detailed bark, and pretty coloured tulip shaped leaves.

Ok, I just had to go and find this photo to show you the whole Tulip Tree in all it’s glory. It’s majestic right? That’s my hubby walking along in front to give you an idea of the size of it.

I shall leave you with another favourite picture at the moment (from my Instagram)… A sweet little posy of flowers, all from my garden.

The last 3 photo’s are taken with my iphone and I promise I will stop bombing my posts and Instagram with Autumn glory photos soon… as soon as Autumn is over that is!
Oh how I do love the gorgeous colours of Autumn.
In the meantime, I hope your day is filled with Autumnal hues that make your heart sing.


12 thoughts on “beach fans, pink hearts and autumn love

  1. I’ve fallen in love with the fans pattern but think i may be a little stuck and in need of some clarity!
    1. The pattern says work in back loops only – is that the back look of each row or is it the back loop of the first row then working the second row, since you turn the work, you are actually working in the front loop since it is the back of the first row (if that makes sense).
    2. I’m also struggling to work out which is the front/right side after the first couple of rows. If you have the tail of the chain row on your left, is thtat supposed to be the front or back of the work?

    • Hi Loxy! You actually work the whole pattern in the back loops only. Every single row you do, you do in the back of the loop. The way I remember which side I’m on is the extra long stitch (that creates the fan) has to have the pretty side facing you when you are about to do another row of extra long stitches (fan). Does that make any more sense? I hope it’s helped… feel free to quiz me and I’ll try to explain more. Good Luck 🙂

      • Thanks so much, yes your explanation makes perfect sense it just doesn’t bear any resemblance to my first practice! At least now I know waht to aim for, i also had a couple of other questions…. =)
        To create the fans do you yarn over 3 times is the trtr in the pattern or 4 times as it says in the amendment?
        I also wanted more rows of the ripple at the top and bottom of my blanket as it’s for a king size blanket. You would do row 1-4 on the pattern, then would you do another 2 rows (to get you back to the same side) or 3 (to repeat the pattern. I fear i may be getting back into wrong/right side teritory!
        I’m trying to work out how much dk yarn to order, have you a rough estimate of how much you used for your project?
        4hank you sooooo much for all your help

        • Hi Loxy,
          In regards to how many yarn overs you do, to be honest I can’t really remember what the pattern says, and I’m not sure I’m aware of the amendment but it really doesn’t matter so long as you do the same amount for the whole row, and probably pattern. I’ve done all sorts of different lenghts in this fan stitch from one yarn over to four/five/six yarn overs. The pattern will work for any number, just do this same number for the whole pattern.
          If you want to do more ripples at the top or bottom I would suggest doing 3 or 5 or 7 or 9 (etc)… that way you ‘should’ end up back on the correct side for your fan stitch.
          And regarding the amount of yarn you will need – I’m sorry but I’m not very good estimating this. I would suggest maybe crocheting up one ball (or measurable quantity) then guestimating from there.
          Hope that’s helped, would love to see a pic on how you go 🙂

    • Well that’s quite a long story Alana! It’s a bit of a tricky edge due to the nature of the sides of the blanket not being totally straight. If I get a chance I’ll see if I can write down a pattern at some stage for you. 🙂

      • Ok! Thank you. That would be greatly appreciated since I really would like to make one with those edges. I love it, you did an amazing job.

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