2 ticks, day 1, 2013.

I’ve had a great first day of the New Year… we got up early… and went for a lovely long walk… in our favourite national gardens… we were certainly well rewarded for our efforts…. this is what greets you upon arrival to the park…

Just inside the gate and this is the path…

Scattered along the path were plenty of these sweet powder blue puff balls…

Creating a path that looked a bit like this…

A pretty rest spot, under the canopy of a huge old tree…

And before the clouds lifted in the morning… we saw this vista… out past, over and beyond… the Yarra Valley…

Yep, we were well rewarded with a healthy, rejuvenating, replenishing, peaceful, soul nourishing dose of serenity.

Healthy start to the year? Tick!

The next part of my day included hitting the ‘open your shop’ button! I’ve opened my etsy shop!!!! Tis probably way too early to post about it here… I only have 8 items listed… have about a trillion more to list… but… I wanted to do it today… I kinda quietly promised myself… in the new year I’ll have my etsy shop… I could have waited until I listed more items… but I just felt it was significant to do it today… my own little mental deal I guess… new year… new steps… and so I did… OMG… you can see it here if you’d like to…

Take another small step to making a dream come true? Tick!

Hope your New Year started off with a positive bang… and you get to make some dreams come true this year… and tick a few self promises from your list… and … most importantly… you get find your own little pocket of peace and serenity in the world.


Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it and do hope you enjoyed your visit. In Peace Love & Harmony Little White Dove x

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