a cloud of intuition

Cloud of Intuition Blanket.
Alpaca, cotton, wool, silk, linen, and probably a few other fibres too but I made most of this blanket such long time ago I hardly remember the yarn blends I used.

I do however remember that the cream colour in the squares is pure alpaca. A local alpaca whose name is Intuition. Cute name hey? I purchased this particular alpaca yarn from a local lady, who has a garage converted into a studio where she sells lovely yarns and knitted items. Intuition is her Alpaca who used the graze the grass in front of the studio I believe. He had moved on to greener pastures the day I bought the yarn but she assures me he was there and that she spun the yarn herself. But I digress… The blanket… Oh my… the blanket… It took AGES!

My dear sweet hubby models the blanket in the above two pictures because it’s sooooo enormous that I found it hard getting a good shot of it. Not that these are good mind you, but I’m just keen to finally have it finished and on the blog. I haven’t even washed and blocked yet so please ignore bumps and ripples.

I crocheted all of the squares a couple of years ago, then started joining them together. I found this cute way of crocheting them together… but it takes ages… and I got a bit disheartened… so I put it away for ‘a bit’…

About 2.5 years later, in the middle of a scorching hot summer, I dragged it out… As you do! I do crochet in summer mind you… but generally smaller lighter items, not king size alpaca & wool blankets! Nevertheless, when I get a bee in my bonnet, I tend to ignore common sense… Not only did it take ages to join the squares together, it took forever – ok slight exaggeration – a very long time, to weave in all the ends! Jeepers that is a crochet task that I do dislike… Feels like such a big chunk of time doing nothing… although I know it’s not nothing… it’s finishing something… something I’m just starting to get the hang of actually… finishing stuff.

The squares are a mixture of two patterns. One was called something with a ‘cloud’ in the pattern name and the other was called something with ‘mandala’ in the pattern name. Sorry to be vague but I just don’t remember. If you really want to know the pattern, leave a comment and I’ll do some serious hunting through my patterns for you.

This was one of the first major crocheting projects I ever did… I had edged a blanket before, and made a basic little blanket but this one was a biggie. I can see how far my crochet has come since this blanket and can pick little things that are not quite right in it… But I don’t mind… I love it… I love the colours… I love the yarn… I love the patterns… I love the randomness of the colours and patterns… I love that I used to be able to say – “I’m crocheting Intuition” when I was making it… mostly I love that I’ve finally finished it! This one’s a keeper for sure and will be keeping us warm at night when winter comes.

I’m off to tackle some other things on my ‘to do’ list now.
This blanket wasn’t on my ‘to do’ list for this week.
I was putting off the real ‘to do’ list.
I even extended putting off the real ‘to do’ list by writing this post.
Now I must get real and tick something off this weeks list.
But I do feel better having finished my Cloud of Intuition!

Do write yourself a ‘to do’ list and then ignore it too?

Hope you find some clouds of intuition in your day.

Let’s get Cracking!

Hello bear loves dove readers

No it’s not crochet but I thought you might like to see where I’ve been hiding lately!
I’ve been doing a bit of work on my hubby’s website and setting up his shop… Check it out… if you like!

I’ll be back soon with some crochet I promise!

Little White Dove

Stockman Leathercraft

I know it’s been quiet around here lately but I have been busy. My Etsy shop is open and today we’ve added the stockwhips. They were on this blog in the early days but we’ve done new photos and they look great. Check ’em out!16 strand stockwhip16 Strand Two Tone Kangaroo Hide 7ft Stockwhip.16 strand stockwhip2Some pretty intricate pattern going on here with 16 strands!16 strand stockwhip3I love that you can see how the whip tapers down, gradually and gently to the tail – this is the key to a Cracking good Whip! 12 strand stockwhip12 Strand Two Tone Kangaroo Leather 7ft Stockwhip12 strand stockwhip2Again, some serious pattern detail going down here with the 12 strands.12 strand lb stockwhip12 Strand Light Brown Kangaroo Leather 7ft Stockwhip12 strand lb stockwhip2

This is the Hitch Knot at the base of the handle…let’s just say this is one hell of a time consuming painstaking knot …. you can get yourself in a real tangle…

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2 ticks, day 1, 2013.

I’ve had a great first day of the New Year… we got up early… and went for a lovely long walk… in our favourite national gardens… we were certainly well rewarded for our efforts…. this is what greets you upon arrival to the park…

Just inside the gate and this is the path…

Scattered along the path were plenty of these sweet powder blue puff balls…

Creating a path that looked a bit like this…

A pretty rest spot, under the canopy of a huge old tree…

And before the clouds lifted in the morning… we saw this vista… out past, over and beyond… the Yarra Valley…

Yep, we were well rewarded with a healthy, rejuvenating, replenishing, peaceful, soul nourishing dose of serenity.

Healthy start to the year? Tick!

The next part of my day included hitting the ‘open your shop’ button! I’ve opened my etsy shop!!!! Tis probably way too early to post about it here… I only have 8 items listed… have about a trillion more to list… but… I wanted to do it today… I kinda quietly promised myself… in the new year I’ll have my etsy shop… I could have waited until I listed more items… but I just felt it was significant to do it today… my own little mental deal I guess… new year… new steps… and so I did… OMG… you can see it here if you’d like to…

Take another small step to making a dream come true? Tick!

Hope your New Year started off with a positive bang… and you get to make some dreams come true this year… and tick a few self promises from your list… and … most importantly… you get find your own little pocket of peace and serenity in the world.