crochet & christmas

Crochet Jar Cover
Aqua & Peach 100% cotton, White & Blues 100% wool.

I whipped this little number up last night whilst watching a video (the video was not much chop!). It didn’t take that long and I just used up my scrappy ends of yarn balls.

I actually have 3 jars full of hooks and needles (you can never have too many can you?) but this one sits on the coffee table in the lounge room as it contains my favourites that are used often. It also includes a little christmas gift, some sweet scented lilac blossom hand cream. Handy to have hand cream on hand don’t you think?
Speaking of Christmas, I do hope yours was lovely? Was it full of delicious food? And family? And friends? And possibly an indulgent drink or two? Mine was… I feel very lucky to have such a gorgeous family to share special occasions like Christmas with. This year was the Dove Cottage Christmas turn. We rotate houses each year amongst my mum, my sister and myself. I thought I’d share a little glimpse of our table with you… well it does include some crochet after all!

The centre piece of the table included some silver birch branches from our garden, sprinkled with little white crochet hearts. Some cotton. Some wool. Some big. Some small. I’ve made a lot of hearts lately. There’s also a little heart garland in the background hanging up.

We don’t have a curved table, this is a panoramic picture from my iPhone and it’s actually 2 tables joined together to fit the whole family. I started with the intentions of a clean silver and white theme but got stumped by the table cloth at the start! Nothing white big enough. Turns out I had just the right size of teal fabric lying around in my fabric stash though… and I can’t help but include a healthy dose of colour in most things I do. There were hydrangea, lollies, paper doilies, reindeer with tea candles in their antlers, and later there were laughs, chats, lame giggles at the lame bon-bon cracker jokes, a generally feeling of love and peace, eating, drinking and merriment. Just like you’d want a christmas to be really.

I made these very simple, quick, easy and cheap name card placements to continue my little reindeer & silver birch theme.

There was also a very christmassy looking vintage punch bowl filled with Mojito.

There was even a Christmas kitten up the Christmas tree (whenever she was quick enough before someone spotted her!).

I hope your christmas was full of peace, love, good cheer and merriment! I hope Santa stuffed something down the chimney that was on your wish list. And I hope you get to see the New Year in just how you’d like to… at home… at a party… watching fireworks… Cheers to you, see you in 2013!


Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it and do hope you enjoyed your visit. In Peace Love & Harmony Little White Dove x

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