life’s a peach

Life’s a Peach (with random bursts of sunshine) Blanket
Cream & Peach 100% cotton, lemon 99.6% Cotton & 0.4% Lycra
Peach – mouthwateringly delicious! Don’t you just love stone fruit season?

So another heart blanket complete. I know, I’ve done a few now. One here, here and here actually, pattern links here! But I really love the special 3 little random lemon hearts in this one… I don’t know why… maybe because they are unexpected… and I love lemon and peach together – both in colour and food… and I’m not a big one for too much structure and neatness… a bit like my garden really… I like to let it get a little wild around the edges and ramble away a bit on me… I pay for this pleasure when it comes time to maintain it… or rather my and hubby and I pay for it… hard yakka… but I do so love it when it’s almost verging on out of control.
Oh yeah, I really live on the edge don’t I!

I added a bit of a top and bottom border to this heart blanket – a couple of stripes and a little solid section. Just for a little contrast from the all hearts of usual. It’s a super generous cot size blanket – in fact only just fitted on the table to block it.

Yesterday was the first day of my holidays, the sun was shining and I got to wash, block and photograph my blankie all in one day! That doesn’t usually happen. It’s usually a whole weekend kind of thing. I’m looking forward to a relaxing break from work at home with lots of crafty sessions, so you may see me a bit more regularly over the next couple of weeks. Well, that’s the plan anyway!

My peachy good day also included catching up with this little cutiepie! My gorgeous godson Sam, who took great delight in the playing the piano, eating grapes, sharing some peppermint tea and chewing on a few mint leaves. As you do! A peachy goodness sunshiny day for sure.

Christmas preparations on the agenda next… enough craft and peachy relaxation for now… time to get it together… it’s almost here… and I’m almost ready… bit of a tidy up… bit of cleaning… a turkey to pick up… and stuff… the table to set – my favourite part of the preparations… then the joy and fun of family, food, pressies and most likely a mojito or two… or three… tick tick tick… we’re almost there.

Hope you’re almost ready too… and your day is full of peachy goodness and unexpected bursts of sunshine!


4 thoughts on “life’s a peach

  1. I was looking for a little heart stitch fr a border and found your blanket on Pinterest. Absolutely beautiful and just what I needed. I’m a rebel crocheter too (if my counts are off I usually just make adjustments to make it work)

    • Fantastic! So glad you found what you were looking for… gotta love pinterest šŸ™‚ … and yes, life’s just too short to count (too many) stitches! Would love to see your heart border blanket, let me know when you’ve finished it and pinterest it, sounds so sweet! šŸ™‚

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