sunset photo bomb

I know, two posts in two days… what’s going on you ask? Not much just really, just that I managed to do what I’ve been wanting to do for ages and that is: to get to a nice lookout spot at sunset time with my trusty new(ish) camera. It wasn’t the first lookout option, but the time and the sunset were vanishing quickly so we just pulled over on the side of the road and I froze my little fingers off snapping til the camera battery died.

I’m really just bluffing my way through using this camera and all the settings. And by bluffing I mean I just tweak a few settings here and there until I like what I see – to be perfectly honest I have little idea of what I’m doing! But that shouldn’t stop you and I figure it’s a fun way to learn. Here’s a couple for you to enjoy…

This gives you an idea of the ‘side of road’ look out we stopped at. Melbourne city skyline is so far away…

Now you can see it, the skyline that is. Love a good Zoom!

I have a such a thing for clouds and their amazing shapes, colours, textures and beauty at the moment.

And I’m a little partial to a nice silhouette too…

The clouds went such a beautiful shade of pink…

Oh and did I mention my other new obsession? Instagram! Any of you on it? Tis a bit addictive no? You can check out my pics here.

Hope you get to enjoy some beautiful sunrises & sunsets this weekend.


Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it and do hope you enjoyed your visit. In Peace Love & Harmony Little White Dove x

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