gelato fans

Gelato Fans ‘Pram Snuggle’ Blanket.
100% Cotton, Crochet.

This little blankie really is just perfect to snuggle bubs up in the pram or car seat.
It’s little… light… airy… pretty… pastel… soft… delicate…

Found this gorgeous vintage fan pattern here via the lovely blog ‘Meet me at Mikes’.

I have plans for another blanket with this pattern already! It may look tricky but it’s really a very easy pattern to follow. I just love how such simple crochet stitches can make incredibly effective patterns.

Back to the honey & lemon drinks and hook for me… happy day to you.


13 thoughts on “gelato fans

  1. This is a beautiful pattern. I just kind of browsed upon it, and would like to know if there is a pattern available? I’d really be happy if there is one you can send or post. Thanx for sharing

  2. Yes I love the pattern, Is it available, I would love to make it, I have an upcoming grandchild due soon. thanks
    Jan Flieler

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