little boy blue (heart)

little boy blue (heart) blanket
90% cotton, 10% silk, crochet

Can you feel the love of hearts I have right now?

this blankie is a generous cot size…

and felt like it took forever using the 2.25mm hook…

but I am feeling the love for it… It’s the second heart blanket I’ve made and I’m still loving this pattern… although you do end up with a LOT of ends to weave in! Not exactly the most enjoyable part of crochet but well worth the effort when it produces a blanket full of hearts.

I finished the edge with a couple of rounds of single crochet in alternating colours, followed by my own little made up picot edge creating gentle little delicate curves. Well, I’m sure someone else has written a pattern like this edge, but I just sat there and played around with a variety of stitch combinations until I came up with this one. So, was it made up by me? Yes… Is it an original stitch combo? Probably not. But I had fun creating it. In fact I really heart making heart blankets – the colour and pattern combinations are endless.

Ahhh, now to deciding on which crafty project becomes a reality next!

I sense some pinteresting inspiration coming on….


4 thoughts on “little boy blue (heart)

  1. I love this blanky and again your edging! I did find a crochet book with this pattern and it’s one of my started but not yet finished projects….not sure I’m happy with my color choices so it’s waiting on me to decide.

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