Hearts Blanket

Hearts Blanket
All colours except the light blue are 100% wool. The light blue is 72% wool, 25% alpaca and 3% silk. Crocheted.
Pattern details linked to in this post.

Phew…it’s finally finished. Quite the large blanket – as you can see…

I had to peg it up outside, so I could get a picture of the whole thing! (It’s a tiny bit shy of a single bed size.)
My knees will surely miss the warmth of crocheting this little number.

Thanks again to Mother Nature for her colour inspiration! Green and blue look so beautiful together… I just love the way they play together, especially when creamy whites join in on the fun. The overall look is colourful, yet clean and light, and not too bright.

I love the frame effect that the one single crochet row of each colour creates around the border. And a little bobble edge goes a long way don’t you think?

Now that’s a lot of hearts! I must say from some angles they look more like triangles than hearts…but in my heart of hearts I know they are really hearts! (I know…I’m sucker for a pun!)

Hope your day is full of hearts too!


6 thoughts on “Hearts Blanket

    • Hi Chris, It’s not my pattern to sell really. I followed a heart pattern blanket, using a repeat of colours, then simply added my own border. There’s a link to the pattern underneath the first image – look for the dotted underline under ‘this post’.

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