Silky Lacey Scarf for my Sister

Silky Lacey Scarf
90% Cotton, 10% Silk, crochet

This cute little number is for my sweet Sister… made especially for her and her love of black clothing. It’s nice and light, not too bulky or chunky, drapes beautifully and has a lace like effect with the stitch combination. It’s actually the Luna Scarf pattern but with my own twist.
You see… I must confess… that I have trouble following patterns… and recipes for that matter! I just can’t help myself and always end up adding in extra spices, vegetables or stitches! I really like adding my own ideas of what I think tastes nice or looks pretty. I don’t think you should feel limited by a pattern – it should form the base of something that you can colour in as you please. Hence I rarely end up following a pattern or recipe to the letter. And to be honest, this pattern called for 383 chains to begin with and didn’t fancy crocheting into 383 chains! Plus I wanted the scarf to be tiny bit more solid/chunky than the original – you know, a little warmth and a little lacey. I also tweaked the picot edge so it followed the natural peaks of the pattern. I think the finished result is a lovely balance of warmth, lightness and lacey – perfect for my sis!

Camera Strap and Mumma Owl models!

Forget-me-not Blue Camera Strap
90% cotton, 10% silk, Crochet.
This little invention came from necessity – sort of! The strap that comes with the camera is rough, hard, ugly and lacks a personality. I wanted something soft on my neck…and I’m sure you’d know by now my favourite colour is Blue! Especially this shade of forget-me-not flowers blue, I love it…and the flowers!
I had spotted a few different varieties on pinterest but thought (as I usually do because I’m not fond of following patterns & instructions) that I’d make my own version. It’s basically two long strips crocheted together on the sides and trimmed with a little more fan stitch – stitch of the week obviously! It slides right over the existing strap. If it needs a wash I can just slide it off and wash it, and if I fall for another shade of blue I can make another one! It can be as permanent or temporary as I like – gotta love that.

Baby Baby Beanie
90% cotton, 10% silk, crochet.
So I found out it’s hard to make a hat look good when it’s flat… tis a cute little beanie but the photo just wasn’t doing it justice. So….

So…I put Mumma Owl to work! Her second job (after keeping my peppermint tea hot) is now modelling baby beanies…it suits her don’t you think? Oh and I found the pattern for this hat here.

Silk Fans Blankie

Silk Fans Blankie
90% cotton, 10% silk, crochet.

Fan stitch detail.
I love this stitch! It’s so easy and perfect for a blanket as there aren’t many holes/gaps/spaces so it feels solid and warm. Although it is mostly cotton so is more of a lightweight blanket for Spring/Autumn/Summer rather than a super warm woolen blanket for Winter. I consider this blanket a ‘Pram Snuggle’ size.

Meet Mumma Owl

Mumma Owl Teapot Cosy
100% wool, crochet
I’ve had ideas of making an owl tea cosy for a while. After finding a pattern I was most disheartened to find I could not understand the pattern and was left so confused after reading through it. So I did what I usually do, figured I’d have a bash at it. I found this cute tea pot cosy and got the number of chains to begin with from it. Then it was just a matter of doing the fan stitch which I was thrilled to see looks a bit like feathers here – If you squint your eyes, use your imagination and wish a lot!. I think she looks likes a mumma owl and had fun creating her. I’m off to christen her with a pot of peppermint tea now….

silk fans in the window seat

My silk fans WIP in the window seat. I’m lucky enough to have a gorgeous window seat to crochet in and this is my current project and favourite place to sit when the rain is drizzling. It’s a 10% silk, 90% cotton blend and I’m doing a brand new stitch that looks like lots of fans – super easy and very effective – gotta love that!

The beautiful view of the window seat looking upwards… so pretty. Have I ever mentioned my love for all things blue? I’m sure you could guess this just looking back on previous projects – blue dominates!

This is my other WIP… another sweet blossom cushion for my sweet sis. It’s the same cotton/silk blend as the silk fans WIP and is just waiting for me to sew up a cushion insert because I can’t find a round cushion insert anywhere… do you know where I can get any?

I know this isn’t craft or craft space but I just love my new camera. This photo was taken through the window, hence the soft foggy-ish look, but what I am so impressed with is the sharp focus on the rain drops… on the petals of the rose…through the window….through the rain… amazing don’t you think? I have much to learn to really get the most of my camera but when it take shots like this from a novice like me, I reckon that’s pretty impressive.