they are not my hairy legs!

Hoofer sockettes.
100% pure wool, crochet.
They are my hubby’s hairy legs and big hoofers and I think I should make this clear from the start!
After trawling the net and finding a number of different patterns for little crocheted slipper/sockettes, I decided the basic kind look pretty simple so had a go at making up my own pattern. I used two strands of 8 ply pure wool and 5mm hook so as to make them tight and chunky. As you can see they turned out a little larger than anticipated, so when hubby asked to try them on I asked if he would wear them – “only if no one saw me in them” was the reply. Well they fitted him like a glove (ahem sock), so he scored them. Of course no one has to see them except you guys so all good really! I will have a go at making a smaller more delicate looking pair for myself next.


3 thoughts on “they are not my hairy legs!

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