blossom cushion – yes another one!

Rose sage blossom cushion
I love these little blossom cushions, they are actually pretty easy even though they possibly don’t look it. Big thanks and appreciation to Lucy at Attic24 for the wonderful pattern and easy to understand instructions 🙂
100% cotton, crochet

how I love a pink & green colour combination

Cushion love!


2 thoughts on “blossom cushion – yes another one!

  1. The pink and green combo is lovely – I made a multicoloured blooming cushion and am quite tempted to make another one in a different colour scheme.

    • Thanks creative pixie! They are lovely little cushions to make and I adore that the colour combinations are endless. I like the simplicity of the ‘all one colour’ version but do love mixing it up a little too. As this is my 3rd one I can only say ‘allow yourself to be tempted – go for another one and try a new colour scheme’ 🙂

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